Work's had me working my butt off lately. My scheduled shift is 7am-3:30pm, but lately, it's been all over the place. My sleep schedule is so out of whack. I feel like I'm on call 24-7. Last Thursday and Friday, they asked me to work night shift and give the full-time night shift nurse a couple of nights off, so I did. I came in and worked 11pm-7am. Easter Sunday, work called and asked me to come in again. No, sorry. I always say yes, but for once, no. Happy Easter to me. Tuesday I get called in, work 3am-3pm. Wednesday afternoon, I come home from work and unwind with a glass of wine. As soon as my butt touched that couch, I was out. I ended up napping for 8 hours. By the time I woke up, it was 2am, so I got up, used the restroom, moved to the bedroom, and went back to sleep for another 4 hours. Come Thursday morning I felt amazing. I was nice and well rested. I could get used to that feeling. Thursday afternoon they asked me to come in and pick up again so I went home, had myself another glass of wine, and went to bed semi early around 9pm and was back up again at 2:15am getting ready for work. Overtime is nice and all, but messing up your sleep schedule is a struggle in itself. Once you throw your body off, it takes time and days before you feel back to normal again. You go into Zombie mode where you're there, but you're not really there.

Last weekend we enjoyed Game 2 of the Braves opening seasoning at the new SunTrust Park. It was a good game. We paid $30 to park in Lot 9, which ended up being right beside the overpass bridge that takes you to the entrance. Braves beat the San Diego Padres, 5-4. My only complaint about the new stadium, was the long lines! Oh my gosh. I spent probably about 4 or 5 innings waiting in line for nacho plates. What looked like a small line, was the longest line ever! It was like that everywhere. My sister was in a different line at the concession stand for exactly the same amount of time. The lines and the drink prices, $12 for a beer?! That's robbery. Our old stadium allowed cans in, this one doesn't. Boo! I'm hoping they get a handle on those lines and computer systems before our next visit. Things need to flow, and those lines were not flowing. Parking location was great. Trying to leave the parking garage took about an hour. We sat and sat, until things started moving. The new park was beautiful though! They really put a lot of thought and design into creating a Braves community outside of the park as well. After the game was over, T.I performed in the park/stage area. We also got to see Ludacris, a row over from us, waving a giant tomahawk.

Easter Sunday with the family was fun. We took our family Easter pictures and had our traditional easter egg hunt. Our family easter egg hunt will forever be a competition in our family. It's always been a contest to see who can collect the most eggs and find the hidden golden egg. I found the golden egg this year, yay! Sunday afternoon, some family friends came over and cooked out for us and made some authentic mexican dishes like, carne asada and corn casserole. So delicious! Mexican food can't get much better, except for when a Mexican family is preparing you the real deal.

Zac and I celebrated our second anniversary this month, yay! I had my sister take a few anniversary pictures of us. We attempted to use a big 2 balloon, but it was windy and kept hitting us in the head. It made for some funny pictures though.

My sister got a part-time job working at my facility on the weekends, yay. Everyone asks, "Omg, is that your twin?". Yes, but I'm the older twin by 4 years ;) 

I'm working on getting a couple posts up about our latest hikes as soon as I muster up some more time and energy.



  1. Awwww love the anniversary picture! So sweet! You look gorgeous! Go you for finding the golden egg! Love that you guys still do Easter egg hunts! I was wondering how the new Braves stadium would be. Stinks that they have long lines. How was the traffic getting there? Atlanta is falling apart from what I hear!

  2. Oh I can't wait to read about your hikes!! And what a fun time at the game! Though $12 for a beer is LITERALLY insane haha.


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