Hiking Rabun Bald

A few weeks ago, we ventured up to Clayton, GA to hike the second highest point in Georgia, Rabun Bald. The trail was rated moderate, but gave us a pretty decent workout as the first mile and half to the top was all uphill. The trail is 3 miles long, 1.5 in and 1.5 out.

He loves to give hugs.
I let Kansas off his leash and he would run up the hill in front of me, and then pause to wait for me until I caught back up to him. A couple times we went around curves and I'd lose sight of him, so he'd stop and wait until he made eye contact with me before sprinting up the next section of the trail. He cracks me up. A couple of times we'd get separated by curves in the trail and he'd be hiding around the curve, waiting on me to round the curve also. He's such a momma's boy. 

I was amazed at how intuitive Kansas was. He always knew where to turn and which direction to go. He stayed in the lead both up the trail and down the trail.

When we started the trail, we accidentally took a wrong turn when the trail split to the left and to the right. We decided to go left, since the trees were marked with yellow lines and it wasn't until we were .5 in, and only going down hill, that we realized we were obviously going the wrong direction. Oops.

One thing that was really neat and unique about this trail was how the trees twisted and curved and came together to create a shaded path. For an April hike, it was warm, but still a little breezy and chilly at the top of Rabun Bald. I was glad I had my long sleeve dri-fit shirt to throw on. 

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Kansas turned FIVE this month, so this was his birthday hike/ day out on the town to celebrate another year of life! I wanted to stop and purchase a birthday hat and balloons so we could have a birthday photo shoot but we were tight on time. I can't believe my baby is five! I can recall the details vividly from the day I got him! I was so excited to have my first apartment and finally be able to have a dog. I'd been to all the local pet stores, but I couldn't find any puppies in my price range, so I turned to craigslist. I found an ad from a local rescue shelter that took in strays, abandon litters, etc. I messaged the guy to inquire about the puppies, and two hours later I was in his backyard holding them. Kansas was the runt of his litter. I couldn't help but feel for this poor little shy guy. I picked him up and knew he was the one. I officially became a fur-mom April 15th, 2012.

 But boy did his shy act have me fooled! The months following, this little runt gave me a run for my $25. When locked up in his cage, he would whine all night long. Crate training him was the biggest pain! He would pee and poop in his cage and then kick the black liner out of the cage. I'd walk into the room to find him laying on the  inside of the cage, and just staring at me with these eyes like, help me please. The mess was everywhere! Oh boy did he teach me patience. There were also the times where he'd jump the baby gate that was keeping him locked in on the front porch. I lived on the second floor of a walk up townhouse, so I would block off the stairs with a baby gate and open the front door so we could get some fresh air. Kansas would leap over the baby gate, sprint down the stairs and tease me like, catch me if you can. I'd attempt to chase him down and he'd think it was a game and start running circles around me. People would drive by laughing as I tried to chase this dog down. It's amazing he didn't get hit by a car all the times he jumped the baby gate and darted out into the middle of the road. My heart sank every time like, "Oh my gosh, today's the day!" I would get so frustrated with him. He outsmarted me every time I came up with new ideas.  He even jumped the gate on an afternoon when I was walking out the door for work. He slid past me and he was gone. Dog bye. I had to call out of work that day and tell my manager, "Hey sorry I can't come in, but my dog took ran away and I have to go find him." Lol, so embarrassing. We have years worth of memories together. I think back to the times when he was wild and ruthless and appreciate the times now where he's more relaxed and chilled. He never misses a beat. 

I don't know exactly when or where he went from puppy Kansas to mature adult dog Kansas, but I love mature adult dog Kansas and the fact that I can actually take him places now. I can let him off his leash to run around, spoil him with nice things, and know that he won't tear stuff to shreds. This dog has been my rock through life's up and downs and I'll never forget how much peace, comfort, and companionship he's brought to me over the years. He's my furry human, no matter how many people try to argue with me that he's not human. 

We had a beautiful clear view from the top of Rabun Bald. You can do a full 360 spin and capture all of the landscape and see everything for  miles and miles. 

Our final elevation was 4658.16ft. 

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  1. Awww happy birthday Kansas!!!! Mac is the runt of his litter too and has given us a run for our money as well. I love that Kansas sort of knew where he was going and took the lead! Sounds like you guys had a decent hike. The view from the top looks fabulous!


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