Hiking Providence Canyon

A couple months ago, we took a different direction and headed down south towards Lumpkin County, GA to hike a trail named Providence Canyon. Providence Canyon is known around here as the "Grand Canyons of Georgia". It was a beautiful day out, the first warm day we'd had in weeks after some really cold weather. The park was packed! 

 We parked at the guest center where the bathrooms were, and began the trail from there.

We followed the trail down to the stream and explored the inner rims of the canyon. The inner rims of the canyons were sloped with sandy hills, so Kansas would run around in the sand and then lay down in the cool sand to cool down. Too cute! He was cracking me up. 

The trails aren't marked as you get inside this ^ area, so you have to feel your way around, or follow others leads. We walked around aimlessly for about 30 minutes, exploring and searching for a way to get back out to the main trail, lol. Finally, we heard voices and followed the sounds and found our way out. 

Pet owners: use caution in the inner rims if you have a pet that loves water because they may come out soaking wet and covered in red mud. Bring towels, lol! 

Along the outer rim trail, we came across these abandon cars that are now protected by the state park. They serve as ecosystems to the local animals, so they'll continue to remain there. Pretty cool, I love that. 

The views from the outer rims looking in were so pretty! 

We enjoyed the rest of our hike and called it another day of enjoying nature's beauty! 

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