Hiking Springer Mountain

I was scrolling through Instagram one day when I saw a sponsored ad for an air bob in North Georgia. My first impression was, "this would be the perfect weekend getaway". I made a plan, and told Zac to pack a bag. It was going to be a surprise. Little did we know, the weather had a bigger surprise in store. With temperatures dropping to the low 30's, a weekend getaway spent camping out in a treehouse with no electricity sounded less ideal...but I hadn't completely ruled it out.

Zac ended up not falling asleep until 7am on Saturday morning so when I woke up, I knew he wouldn't be up for a weekend of hiking. Instead, I let him sleep in and took my sister and her best-friend with me. We hit the road and headed towards our first destination, Springer Mountain. We arrived in Elijay, Georgia two hours later and followed the winding gravel road for 6 miles. We arrived at a small parking lot and unloaded our gear. 4 jacket layers later, I was ready to hike.

The hike to the summit of Springer Mountain was a short distance of .9 miles. This trail was a lot rockier than we expected. We carefully stepped from rock to rock, trying not to roll any ankles. It was cold and windy, but I started to get warm underneath all my layers. I stopped and took a layer off and we resumed our hike. On one of the trees was a sign warning hikers not to camp in this general area due to an increase in black bear spottings. My sister is always so worried we're going to cross paths with a black bear, but thankfully we've never encountered one. 

When we reached the summit of Springer Mountain, there was a plaque in the mountain that read, 
“A footpath for those who seek fellowship with the wilderness.”

Springer Mountain represents the starting point or ending point for those who choose to hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia all the way to Maine, or vice versa. 

Underneath one of the large rocks was a metal box with a handle on it. When you opened up the box, there was a ziplock bag with two notebooks, pens, and pencils in it. The notebooks were Spring Mountain log books, signed by people who had visited Springer Mountain or completed the Appalachian Trail. The book was so raw and touching. It was filled with stores, quotes, signatures, and stickers. Below was a letter someone left in the notebook. 

People had written about how long it had taken them to hike the trail from Georgia to Maine, and most were saying it takes 5-6 months to complete. Others mentioned hiking the trail in sections. I think it would be exciting to hike the Appalachian Trail. You would definitely become one with nature during that hike. Like other people were saying, I can’t afford to take off work for six months, so I’ll just have to live vicariously through the log book for now. Someday I would love to make the time to hike it. 

I love spending a day outside in the mountains. Fresh air is good for the mind and soul. When I’ve had a long work week, I look forward to a weekend away surrounded by mother nature. I come back refreshed, de-stressed, and have a positive appreciation for life.

The frozen icicles on the rocks looked of neat. It reminded me of the smoky mountains during winter when the rocks are frozen and iced over. 

I signed the springer mountain log book, while mu sister attempted to fly her drone over the mountain. The drone ended up having a rough flight, and came in for a crash landing. We thought the drone was toast, but we later investigated it was more cosmetic damage than anything. Hallelujah! 

Temperatures were starting to drop, and the wind was beginning to pick up. A few seconds without my gloves on and my hands felt frozen. We began to make our way back down the mountain, towards the parking lot. After an afternoon outside in the cold, we decided against the treehouse and went with the best western instead, lol. 

Overall, the Springer Mountain trail was a moderate hike. The hardest part was just having to watch the ground to make sure you didnt trip over the rocks. A couple of times they got us and we’d be stumbling from one rock to the next. The views as you hiked up the mountain were pretty since there’s no leave on the trees, you could see through the forest of trees and make out the shapes of the mountains and hills in the distance. 

It was a cold but beautiful day for a hike. I’ll be back to share more about where we hiked on day two of our weekend getaway to Elijay. 


  1. Those icicles are making me cold! The notebooks are so cool!!! I certainly would have enjoyed reading them, makes a little reward for the hike!


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