Sawnee Mountain Preserve

Last Tuesday, I took the day off from work and we ventured out to Sawnee, Georgia to hike the Indian Seats Trail. 

My sister and I had taken a cross-fit class the night before at the gym, and we were feeling the burn on this hike. Talk about muscle fatigue, we had a case of body fatigue. Every muscle in my body ached and we were about to hike a 4 mile trail. 

The weather was a little chilly and overcast, but it warmed up as the sun came out. 

Halfway into the trail, I went to take my camera out of my bag and realized I'd left my memory card at home, again! This is probably the third time I've done that. So annoying! On my way home, I stopped and purchased a second memory card so I don't do that again. 

I took a few pictures from my iPhone. When we were at SCAD doing the campus tour last weekend, the photography instructor was talking about the different cameras they offered to the students and mentioned how iPhones are almost as advanced as a DSLR. He said they can use a computer program to import an iPhone picture and turn it into a large format RAW file, allowing one to take iPhone pictures and blow them up to large prints, like a framed print you may see in a museum. 

The trail was overall easy with a couple inclines that got your legs burning and heart racing, but not bad at all. It wasn't busy, but we saw more people than you'd usually see on a weekday. Makes sense since this trail is only 40 minutes north of Atlanta. It's more of a recreational trail to the locals, than an advanced hikers trail. I would definitely recommend this trail to beginners or families. 


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  1. That looks so gorgeous! I especially love the last photo!


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