Another weekend of football for the books! This weekend we attended the 25th SEC Championship game featuring, Alabama vs. Florida. My dad is from Alabama and a big Alabama fan, so my parents took the RV down Thursday night and set up for a weekend of tailgating. I had to work the rest of the week so I ended up driving to Atlanta Saturday morning for the game. The tickets for this years game were so neat! They were plastic and each ticket featured different MVP's from SEC schools from over the years. Before the game started, we attended the Dr. Pepper fan fair. I saw Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher's finance, Jordan, co-hosting live from inside the fan fair. That was pretty neat to see him in person. My sister loves the Dr. Pepper marketing campaign with Larry Culpepper so we stopped by their tent to take a picture with the Dr. Pepper RV. Tim Tebow was in the building, but I didn't see him until during the game, when him and other MVP's were being honored during halftime.

The one and only time of year you'll see me wear and cheer for Alabama, lol. Only for you, Dad! I was so bummed I missed seeing Tim Tebow! I later got to see him down on the field when they honored past MVP's like David Greene and even Peyton Manning. Everyone booed Peyton Manning when they called his name since he used to play for Tennessee. I've always had a celebrity crush on Tim Tebow. He's my number two, next to Zac and Channing Tatum of course. 

Florida scored the first touchdown and hung in there for a little while before Alabama gained the lead. As usual, Florida players were being a little too rough, just as they were when we played them at the Georgia vs. Florida game. Finally, the referee called Florida out on their conduct and ejected a player from the game for unnecessary roughness. The Alabama player was out of bounds when the Florida player decided to pick him up and throw him down on the ground, WWE style. So unnecessary!

Alabama, who finished their season undefeated 13-0, won the SEC Championship, 54-16.

Sunday, we drove back to the Atlanta Dome for an NFL game, Falcons vs. Chiefs. Zac is a big Chiefs  fan and from Kansas, so I surprised him with tickets to the game. Turns out, my entire family wanted to tag along too so we all got tickets to go to the game. 

My Dad and Zac were cute throughout the game, giving each other a hard time every time each team would score. Dad would yell, Did you see that? Zac would respond, See what? Just Wait! 

Chiefs scored a touchdown and field goal while we were downstairs getting food and Zac's all mad like, "I knew I shouldn't of left my seat!" I laughed like, "There's still two quarters left". This is a good season for both Chiefs and Falcons so it was a pretty good game to watch. Chiefs won the game in the final minutes of the fourth when they picked off the ball and scored a two point conversion. final score, 29-28. 

College football season is finally coming to an end, what will we do with ourselves every weekend?!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. The weather has been so rainy and cold these past few days, finally starting to feel like winter! 


  1. You look super cute in your Albama gear! I'm not a big football fan, but live sports are so fun! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Looks like a packed house! I'm sure this game was a blast!


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