Holiday Lights @ Atlanta Botanical Gardens

We enjoyed a night out at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for their annual Garden Lights. 

The trees were wrapped in different colored lights, and different decorations hung throughout the park. It ended up being a nice cool evening, and didn't get chilly until later on in the evening. 

We arrived to the gardens a little early and decided to go grab a bite to eat at Panera to kill some time. When we returned to the main entrance that takes you to the parking a garage, employees had posted signs up that read lot full, so we had to drive across the street and find somewhere to parallel park on a residential street. 

We parked and got ready to walk across the street when a man who lived on the street stopped and told us we weren't allowed to park there until after midnight. There was only one sign on the opposite side of the street that had a parking notice posted, so we assumed it was only for that one street. We got back in the car and parked in a different area. As we walked a couple blocks up the street to get to the entrance, the man was still outside running people off and telling them they couldn't park on his street until after midnight. "His street" lol. We laughed and told Paul Blart Jr, thank you for the notice to move our vehicle. 

The people who decided to park there anyways, ended up getting market tickets thanks to Paul Blart Jr, who we think most likely called it in. The area really wasn't marked very well so if you end up in the same predicament, beware of marked areas.

The lights were pretty and something fun to look at. It wasn't anything to grand or over the top. I would of liked to see them playing Christmas music throughout the park while you walked around the gardens. When we walked over to the other side of the gardens, they did have a music display that synced up to the decorations and changed colors. That was fun to sit and listen to for a few minutes. They had drink tents set up throughout the gardens where you could purchase a hot coffee or glass of winter sip on.

This would be a fun date night idea for those of you looking for ideas for next Christmas. 

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