Holcomb Trail

We had a fun morning trying to hunt this trail down. We learned about Holcomb Trail from our Georgia trail book. We found the book over summer when visiting Tallullah Falls. It lists the trails location, a description about the trail, its length, difficulty, and approximately how long it will take to complete. 

We had some trouble finding the trail initially. Once we got into North Georgia, GPS started leading us in circles. We ended up driving too far northeast and crossed over the state line into North Carolina. We knew we needed to turn around, but we kept driving to see what was up ahead. We got out and took a picture at the state line, and then drove through the cutest little town in Highlands, North Carolina. It had a cute downtown area filled with cute shops. I told my sister we'd have to come back another day and explore the town. It reminded me of a Hallmark movie. 

We stopped at a gas station and reconfigured the coordinates and finally found the road we needed to be on. We actually passed the "Holcomb Trail" sign on our way up the mountain, but because GPS told us to keep going, we just assumed maybe there were two different ways to get to the trail. We were wrong. If you have any plans to visit Holcomb Trail, be sure to keep an eye out for the trail sign and not the mile marker signs. That's where it gets confusing. 

Holcomb was such a beautiful trail. There were three different waterfalls to see along the 2.5 mile long trail. There were a couple parts of the trail that got our heart rates up and pumping as the trail declined and then inclined it's way back up to the main road towards the end. When the trail put us back out on the main road, we were like, "Crap! Where's the car?!" lol. That was the first time we hiked a trail that didn't circle around to where we first started. We ended up having to walk half a mile on the main road to get back to the car. It wasn't bad, but it started pouring down rain and we were like well....hope our camera gear doesn't get wet. Thankfully we had waterproof camera bags that we didn't even know were waterproof until we were on the trail getting rained on, thanks Amazon! We had fun hiking this trail and would love to come back and visit it again on a sunnier day.  

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