This weekend we gathered for our final Athens tailgate of the 2016 football season. 

We left bright and early at 7am to set up our tailgate for another 12 o' clock game. Half way through setting up, Mom realized she forgot the tickets at home. Zac was working Saturday, so he wasn't able to attend the game, so he met Mom halfway to bring her the tickets. Woo hoo, game day saved! 

Saturdays game was a red out. It was a full house as we matched up against our in state rivalry, Georgia Tech. 

What a crazy game! Although Tech scored the first touchdown, UGA came back and lead for the rest of the game. You could say we were 99% sure we were going to win the game until Tech came back in the fourth quarter and scored a field goal in the last 6 seconds of the game, winning the game 28-27. 

Boo Tech! What a buzz kill. Haha, get it? 
(They're the Yellow Jackets) 

Sunday I spent the first half of the day at work. When I got home, I took it easy and binge watched Gilmore Girls. Ahhh! First impression? Holy botox Lorelai. The first episode I couldn't stop staring at her face, trying to figure out what exactly it was that she had done that made her look...different? Once I figured it out, it clicked, Ashley Judd. Remember when Ashley Judd was speculated of having working done, like botox or fillers? That's exactly what Lauren Graham's new look made me think of.     It looks like maybe she had a facelift and nose job done too. It's an eye sore the first episode, trying to adjust to her altered look. Anyone else notice that?

After the first episode I felt bummed like awe man, we missed out on seeing Rori grow up after college, but they did a good job of filling you in through out the four different episodes. 

One thing shocked me though, Rori and Logan, having an affair/ open relationship with other people. How kinky! That doesn't sound like Rori, but it was interesting...

I really enjoyed how the directors made a full circle and included all of the old cast. It was so sad to see Richard pass away. Cue Tears. Edward Hermann (Richard) passed away from brain cancer in 2014, leaving the world shocked and saddened. 

I loved getting to see Dean, Jess, Lane and Paris! It's fun getting to see how those characters have evolved in their careers outside of Gilmore Girls. It's so funny getting to see Paris be a legal fertility specialist, say what...lol and a mom?! That was a shocker to me. Dean being a parent too. So cute! 

Did anyone else observe how stylish the Gilmore Girls are this go around? Kate Spade, Draper James, just a couple of glamorous brands that caught my eye. 

So the big question issss....




Who's the baby daddy?!? 

My money is on Jess. Logan seems too predictable, what do y'all think? 

Can't wait for more! 


  1. I am skipping the end of your post because I haven't seen the revival yet! I want to watch the show from the beginning because I missed a lot of it when it originally aired. Sorry for the loss against Tech. Its hard when you are up all game to lose right at the end!

  2. I definitely think Lauren Graham got a nose job! Haha. I noticed how fashionable they were, too! I think Logan is the baby daddy because it comes full circle AKA Logan is her Christopher and Jess is her Luke.

  3. I'm so jealous that you got to see the SEC Championship game! I'm a Gator Grad (and was there with Tim Tebow) - but I may have been even more bummed about their loss had I been there in person!


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