If you follow me on social media, you know Georgia won this past weekend, YAY! We beat Auburn 13-7 and celebrated our long over due victory in weeks. 

My dad is a big Auburn fan. He's originally from Alabama. Although he's usually in Georgia gear on any other typical Saturday, this weekend he pulled out the ole' Auburn gear to represent his home state. Bad move, dad. 

We got seats in an area of the stadium that we had never sat in before. We had a good view for the Dawgs entrance onto the field. It was a little hard to sometimes make out what the bands were trying to spell on the field, so for next time, it wouldn't hurt to be a couple more rows to the left. I did enjoy having a corner aisle seat though. I had some room to stretch my legs when needed. 

The Dawgs had a great introduction this game. The band came out and performed the anthem, and performed a couple songs in honor of our Veterans. They also commemorated an old Georgia player in his 90's, who passed away this week. 

As the red coats finished performing the national anthem, two fighter jets flew overhead. 

During halftime, someone proposed to their girlfriend. It read "Ginni, Will You Marry Me?" Aweeee. 

I looked at Zac and said hey, where's my proposal on the jumbotron?? Cough cough. Haha ;) 

As the clock ran out in the third quarter, everyone pulled out their phones and used their flashlights to ring in fourth quarter. 

Well done, DAWGS! 


  1. Congrats to Georgia on the great win! I wish that the Aggies had a better game this week!

  2. I for one was really excited about the Georgia win!!! Go Dawgs!!!

  3. Wasn't it just the greatest game?! Any season is a decent season when we beat Auburn... especially when it knocks them out of the top ten and keeps them out of the SEC Championship game. Haha. We were sitting just a few sections over from you guys in the end zone!

  4. Ah, aren't football weekends the best?! Unfortunately Washington choked, but at least the Seahawks won! :-)

  5. Football weekends are just the best! Looks like such a fun time, especially since your team won! :)

  6. Just gotta say, you ROCK that red lipstick! That would last 3 seconds on me haha.

  7. I understand the family rivalry! My dad went to Auburn, I went to Alabama, and my daughter will be attending Auburn next year. Next football season is going to be a little weird for us, I'm sure. ;)


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