Georgia vs. Lafayette

This weekend we attended the black out, Georgia vs. Lafayette game. We assumed it would be a blow out game, but Lafayette did better than expected. It was an early game at 12pm compared to our typical 3pm games. 

Saturday we started our morning off with coffee and skip-bo. 

We had seats on the visitor side, in the sun. It started out a cold and windy morning, and got warmer when the sun started shining down on our black shirts. My mom texted us that they had open seats near them on the other side of the stadium if we wanted to move near them. We walked to the other side of the stadium where it was complete opposite, temperature wise. It was cold, shady, and windy. By halftime, we were all cold and wanting to move back to our original seats. 

During halftime, we went down to the hedges to take a picture. Behind us stood the players on the bleachers. My friend instagrammed the picture and got a message from one of the players, saying he was in the background of our picture. While we were down at the hedges, she was talking about how one of the players was cute so I said hey, perfect time to ask if that guy is single. Turns out he was! 


Dawgs won, 35-21. Go Dawgs! 

We made a stop by Gigi's Cupcakes on the way back to our tailgate. We had never tried her cupcakes before so we purchased a dozen and ordered one of each of the favors they had to offer, smores, salted caramel, sprinkles, chocolate, white chocolate chip, red velvet, carrot cake, and snickerdoodle. 12 cupcakes for $35, we had high expectations and they definitely surpassed them. The carrot cake cupcake was one of my favorites! 

We also ordered a dozen lemon cake pop balls, yum!! They were so good. 

If you're looking for any thanksgiving treats, check out their box of Thanksgiving cupcakes. They're so cute! 

How was your weekend?



  1. Alabama's game wasn't as much of a blow out as I wanted either. Funny how that works, isn't it? A win is a win though!!! All of your cupcakes you ordered look so good. Carrot cake is a favorite of mine. Trader Joe's makes carrot cake cookies (that look like whoopie pies) you need to look for them next time you are by a TJ's. Not to be missed!!! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Oh those cupcakes!! They look so good. Great pictures of the game!

  3. !!!! THOSE CUPCAKES! i legit stared at the screen for a whole two minutes looking at each one.

  4. How fun that you were able to attend the game! Do you want to send me a cupcake? ;-)


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