Georgia vs. Florida

This past weekend was the big rivalry, Georgia vs, Florida game. It's also known as the world's largest cocktail party. People from all over gather for a weekend of fun and football in Jacksonville, Florida. 

The Jacksonville Bride is pretty at night. The bridge lights up in royal blue and aqua blue, making for some pretty pictures. We watched them raise the bridge up for a tall boat that was passing by. 

Friday night we ventured out to The Jacksonville Landing for an evening of live music and food. We enjoyed dinner at Hooters and afterwards walked around and listened to the live music playing in the the landing.

This year, the Jacksonville police force was out and present. Jacksonville does a really good job of managing and maintaining the crowds throughout the city. They had police lined up all along the riverwalk as we stopped to snap our selfie by the bridge. Inside the landing, Jacksonville PD was in clusters of 4 or 5 policemen and women on every corner. They don't mess around.

The Jacksonville Landing
By midnight, the area had gotten pretty crowded. The drunks were getting drunker and people were starting to get sloppy and trip and fall. They were quite a few people dressed up for halloween. It was pretty ironic when a lady dressed up as Flo from Progressive Insurance tripped and fell, and landed on her butt. The guy who helped her back up was dressed up as a person from Allstate Insurance. We got a kick out of that. Someone behind us was dropping some funny insurance jokes about switching to Allstate, because they'll be there to catch you when you fall. As entertaining as that all was, we called it a night and headed back to our riverfront hotel, the Hyatt Regency, to get a good nights rest before GAME DAY! 

Game day morning we got ready and the left the hotel and met up with my dad who was staying in the RV, where he was parked and all set up for a weekend of tailgating. My parents brought the RV down last year and Mom said the constant music all night long was just too much for her to take, so some of us booked hotel rooms to sleep in this year. 

Mom wasn't kidding. There was so much music playing, that at times it was overwhelming, like ok, somebody turn theirs off and let one person play theirs. My dad's a heavy sleeper so he could sleep through anything. On one side of the street we had people playing rap music, on the other side people were playing country, and then you had people playing rock n' roll and 80's & 90's hits all within a small radius. I was grateful we had decided to stay at the hotel. 

Later the morning, we walked over to the sponsors area, where vendors and sponsors were set up with tents. Victoria Secret had their Pink merchandise bus there too, and they were selling UGA and UF gear. 

TIM TEBOW! That man is so sexy. I had a total fan girl moment when I saw him.

Tim Tebow along with the other sports anchors were broadcasting live here in this area on game day. It was neat to watch the process of them setting up, taking breaks, changing clothes, and going back and forth between different stages. Hire me to be your stylist, Tim! I couldn't believe they were wearing suits though. The weather on Saturday was 85 with 90% humidity I want to say. It was hot. All that time spent curling my hair, and I was about ready to tie it back it in a ponytail. 

We found some awesome tailgates happening throughout downtown as we walked back to the RV area.

Gator Killer Punch
This man was so generously offering a free sample of his "Gator Killer Punch". Wowzers, talk about killer punch, this stuff had 17 different liqours. It went down smooth, but had quite the kick and after taste.

^ Our picture later on made it up on the jumbo tron during the game for using the game day hashtag. 


Someone revamped an old ambulance into a Georgia Bulldog themed truck. 

Kickoff was at 3:30, so around 2:45, we left the tailgate and begin to make our way to the front entrance. At one point, everyone was stopped and it felt like one giant traffic jam. Foot traffic wasn't moving and it was starting to feel real claustrophobic inside the middle of all these people. Finally, the lines started flowing and we reached the front gate. 

Once inside the gates, we had to climb up four flights of stairs, only to realize there was a damn elevator hiding beside the stairs. My legs were on fire, lol.

We made it to our seats just in time for kick off and enjoyed another year of Georgia vs. Florida football. 

Everyone's seats were scattered all throughout the upper level so were all broken up into groups of 2 for the game. Zac and I were lucky enough to find a scalper, just an hour before the game began, who was looking to get rid of his tickets for just $100 total. What a steal. Face value was $70/each, and our seats ended up being pretty decent seats. I don't think there's a bad seat at the EverBank Field Stadium.

During halftime, we ran and grabbed ice cream. As we were standing in the long line, we watched security and a girls boyfriend, literally carrying her out of the stadium by her arms and legs. Her boyfriend was carrying her upper half, and security was carrying her legs. Poor girl! She ended up having to be put down, and got sick on the way out. We learned that the custodians use kitty litter to clean up after people who get sick. We watched them walk over to the area that needed to be clean, pour kitty litter on the spot, and then sweep it up and move on. How interesting! 

With this being our re-building year, we knew we may not have a fighting chance, but at least it wasn't a horrible whooping like last year. Final score, Florida 24 Georgia 10, bringing our season record to 4-4. 

Another weekend for the books. 

Until next time, 



  1. Stinks that the game wasn't a win but it sounds like you had fun down there!! You scored a good deal on your seats and even got to see some action with the girl being escorted out haha. I don't want to think about all the "clean up" areas you probably really walk over at a game. Ick.

  2. Oh goodness, what a sad game. I was hoping we could pull off a miracle, but no luck! And we love Jax... we went to our first GA/FL game back in 2010 and it was a blast (aside from them beating us in OT that year - grrrr). I have an almost identical picture to yours from The Landing, too! That place was crazy!

  3. I love your pictures, it looks like you had a really great time! Your blog is really lovely, I am so glad I have found it, keep up the wonderful work pretty lady! x

  4. So much fun! Is there anything better than football tailgating?! I don't follow college football, but apparently my home state of Washington is actually doing pretty good this year? Maybe I'll have to start paying attention, ha ha. Go Seahawks!

  5. Sounds like it was a blast!!!! Sorry your team didn't win but it looks like you had fun anyway! <3

  6. Wow looks like a huge event! I've never been to a GA vs FL game and I live in Florida...I'd probably root for the Bulldog anyway cause I have one, as superficial as that is. I have no ties to the Gators. lol

  7. That is pretty cool that you saw Tim Tebow. I went to Gainsville once for work when he was playing and he was God there. Looks like a fun huge event!

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