Essentials For Your Trip to NYC

Traveling to New York City is one of my favorite cities to travel to. No matter how many times you visit, there’s always something to do when you return again. Coincidentally though, I’ve only ever traveled to New York City during the fall and winter. With that being said, I've created a list of essentials you should carry on your trip to NYC. 

During our last trip to NYC, the weather started out sunny and 75 degrees, and overnight turned to cold, rainy, and 40 degrees for the remainder of our trip. Thankfully, we checked the forecast prior to leaving so we packed accordingly and I brought the list of items as follows. 

The first essential on my list is…

#1- Rain Jacket- These are my favorite rain jackets. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and easy to pair with layered clothing. At one point, I was wearing three jackets because I was so cold. Those were the coldest temps I’d endured since last season, so you’ll have to cut this wimpy southerner some slack, lol. 

#2- Back Up Shoes- If you’ve never been to NYC, be prepared to walk, and walk, and walk. When we leave the hotel in the morning, we usually don’t return again until later that night. If you’re like us and maximize your vacation time by exploring all day, don’t forget to pack your back-up shoes. My tip- Wear your comfy shoes for all your long walks and switch into your cute shoes for pictures. Need a good pair of walking shoes? These are my favorite! 

#3- Backup Pants- If you’re like me, your legs start chaffing after a long day of walking. Nothing ruins a good day like chaffed legs. My tip? Pack those comfy backup pants, capri’s, compression shorts, or whatever it is that helps! If I start the day in jeans, my evenings will definitely end with me dressed in a pair of leggings or workout pants. Plus, it’s great that these items are lightweight and easy to pack if you chose to carry a bag that day. (During Winter, my back-up pants are thermal pants.)

#4- Deodorant- People think I’m crazy, but I always carry a stick of deodorant on me at all times. 80% of the time, I’m applying deodorant to my thighs when they start chaffing. It’s a temporary fix, but man does it help! Secondly, if you plan on being gone all day, DEO is a must for that B-O. Thirdly, it’s also great to have if your shoes ever start rubbing your feet or toes. Apply a little deodorant to the aggravated spot and it’ll be sure to save the day! 

#5- Waterbottle- After a long day out in the city, I was so grateful to arrive back at the hotel and see this beautiful water bottle waiting on the dresser for me. I was so parched! I was about ready to quench my thirst when I saw the fine print stating we’d be charged for any products consumed. $10 for water, what a joke! I was so happy I remembered to pack my Brita Filter Water Bottle. I ran into the bathroom and filled my water bottle up. The great thing about the Brita Filter Water Bottle, is it filters tap water. It’s easy to carry around and re-fill throughout the day so you don’t have to keep purchasing water bottles. When we’d stop for pee breaks and coffee breaks, I’d have the baristas fill it up with water. 

#6- Umbrella- Umbrellas are a must! They’re lightweight and easy to carry around for those scattered afternoon showers.We got stuck in multiple afternoon showers. If you forget your umbrella, there’s always people selling them on every corner as soon as those storm clouds roll over. 

#7- Tripod or Selfie Stick- When in NYC, a selfie stick or tripod is a must. It’s so great not to have to stop people every time you want a picture taken. I also love that with a selfie stick and tripod, you can capture more of your background too. 

#8- Uber & Lyft App- After arriving at LGA, we walked to the taxi line to catch a ride. We were surprised to learn that not many Taxi’s could accommodate a group of 5. 4 or less, yes, but 5, we’d have to wait for something bigger than a car or small SUV to arrive. After 20 minutes of waiting, we called an Uber and went about our night. We found that during the duration of our trips, Uber was more accommodating and affordable for a group size. We also tried Lyft while on our trip and I noticed that drivers were using both apps. I asked if they were drivers for both and how that works and they told me they just decide which requests they accept between the two apps. 

Also- Uber and Lyft are now offering UberPool and Lyft Line. It's a new way to spilt the fare with other people going in similar directions. I haven't tried it yet, but I like the idea. 

#9- Backpack- I love my backpack. Like my jacket, it’s lightweight and easy to carry around. Wherever we go, my backpack is sure to follow. It’s what I use to store my rain jacket, back-up shoes, back-up pants, deodorant, britta water bottle, umbrella, tripod or selfie stick, my camera, and any other essentials I may need. Tip* This backpack is great for storing iPads and laptops. Click the link and check out the pockets this thing has. Love it! 

NYC Essentials

NYC Essentials by kaitlyndanielleblog

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Have a great day! 


  1. I think that you have every covered it!!! Leg chaffing is the worst! No matter how fit or unfit in life I am, that has always been a problem for me. They make a gel now that I keep on hand all summer long when I am wearing dresses and at the beach and stuff when it is at it's worst.

  2. This is such a good list! We try to always travel with a water bottle because it beats having to pay $1-$2 every time you get thirsty. You also never know when it's going to rain so a rain jacket or umbrella is a definite must!

  3. I would have to agree on this list. I love NYC so much and always forget my umbrella and it always rains there.

  4. Yes to all of this! Especially back up shoes, a raincoat, and the Uber app! No more cabs for us! Happy Friday gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. I'm actually embarrassed to say that I have never been to NYC! It looks fantastic, and one day I will get there!

  6. I've never been to NYC before, but I've always wanted to go so badly! Someday...

  7. It's been so long since I've been to NYC, but I am going to save this for the next time I go! My best friend lives on Long Island now, so I want to go ASAP. :)


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