Broadway in NYC

While in New York City, I was so excited to cross Broadway Show off my Bucket List! We typically visit New York during the holidays and get caught up in all the Christmas festivities the city has to offer, so this trip we were glad to finally make it to a show.

Matilda the Musical was my first Broadway show! It's similar to the plot in the movie, Matilda, although on broadway you have all the lights, props, sounds effects, music, english accents, and more! Catch a glimpse of the show below. 

I later learned that they actually use 4 different Matildas for the leading role. The director wanted to make sure each one of them still gets to enjoy their lives outside of Broadway, and that it doesn't interfere with them being kids. I love that. 

If you find yourself in the New York before their finale on January 1st, go and see Matilda. 

For tickets and information, you can visit their website, Matilda the Musical.

Not only did we see one broadway show on our trip, we saw TWO! Matilda on Friday night and Paramour on Saturday night. After a busy day of running around the city, we hopped on the subway train pressed for time, trying to make it to the 8' o clock opening to Paramour. Little did we know, we got on the wrong train heading in the opposite direction, fudge!! We got off, switched trains, and redirected ourselves back towards Times Square. We made it to the show at 8:10, and only missed the opening act.

I grabbed my mimosa, and showtime! 

Paramour was another amazing production with singing, dancing, lots of props and set changes, and acrobats. Paramour is a feature by Cirque Du Soleil, so if you've ever attended one of their shows, you know the acrobats are always awesome. Paramour is set in the golden age era and is about a young poet who has to choose love or her promising acting career filled with fame and fortune. 

The theater was so gorgeous!

This is Ruby Lewis, who is known as Indigo in Paramour. All the broadway shows are currently in competition with one another to raise the most money for the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS foundation in New York City, so in exchange for a donation, you get to have your picture taken with the different actors. 

Here's a little preview of Paramour, enjoy! 

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Have you ever seen a broadway show in New York City? 


  1. How fun! I would love to see Matilda! I really loved how you said that they have a few kids playing the part so that they have a normal life too. That is awesome! I want to go to NYC around the holidays so bad!

  2. That's so cool that you got to see the Cirque du Soleil Broadway show! We loved all of the Cirque shows we've seen in Vegas, but I bet that the Braodway show would be even cooler!

  3. Matilda on Broadway sounds like sooooo much fun!!!

  4. How fun! And YES to grabbing a mimosa! Happy Friday gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista


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