Happy Hump Day

Over the weekend we attended the Georgia vs. Vanderbilt game for Homecoming Weekend. We packed up the car and headed out at 7am sharp. Our home game morning ritual is to stop at Chick Fil A for breakfast along the way. Did you know Chick Fil A has an app now where you can order ahead of time, just like Starbucks does? Just place your order and pay on the app, and pick it up when you arrive. Easy peasy.

It was an early game at 12:30pm, so we started our morning off with mimosas, yum! Had we of had a few more hours, we could of drank a few more to prepare ourselves for that lousy loss, boo. 

We ended up losing to Vandy 16-17. Tough loss to lose on homecoming weekend. I hate to admit it, but we're struggling this year! I think we all thought that Kirby would come in and we'd have a kick ass season, but...it hasn't been that easy. The games we've attended this season we've barely won, or we've lost. Win or lose, we love our Dawgs, but c'mon Dawgs, pick up the pace!

Saturday night we arrived home and decided to finish the pumpkins we had started the night before. 

^ Wine and pumpkin painting painting party. 

I had no idea what I wanted to do when I started painting my pumpkins. I'd seen the quote online about "Witch better have my candy" but I thought it was too simple. After painting the witch on her broomstick, the font fell into place and voila. Zac and I think minions are the cutest little things, so we decided to paint the second one a minion. Zac did the yellow base coat, and I came in and gave the minion it's face and overalls. 

^ This was my friend's pumpkin.

My sister decided to do a crayon themed pumpkin. This pumpkin was a family team project. My mom held the blow dryer that melted the crayons, while my sister and I tried to hold the stickers in place to keep the wax from running under the stickers. My sister's nickname is "Mir", short for Miranda. It was a fun project. It took some patience trying to get the crayons to melt. Miranda used Elmer's glue to keep the crayons in place so as Mom was trying to melt the crayons, the crayons and glue would start sliding down the pumpkin. 

Here was everyone's finished pumpkins. 

Sunday, we attended Fright Fest at Sixflags. We had never ridden the rides at night before so we were excited to attend Fright Fest and stay till closing. We got there around 5pm and stayed until 10pm. 

It's like finding Waldo, but finding Kaitlyn- Can you find me? Am I wearing red or black? Yesterday I was at the grocery store when someone came up to me and gave me a hug. I knew they were probably mistaking me for my sister, but I just played along while I laughed on the inside. I told my sister the story and she laughed saying she knew who I was talking about. 

After riding Goliath at Six Flags, we came into the ramp and our seats wouldn't unlock. At first, they thought we were going to have to ride again. Something about someone had hit a switch and there was no reversing the locks. One of the guys was able to manually unlock each seat to let us out. We were so thankful we didn't ride back to back when we got off the ride and watched it get stuck in the same spot we snapped this pic. They were just chilling up there for 10+ minutes. Eventually the ride unstuck and continued running. 

We rode in the ski lift buckets during sunset so we could snap some pictures. 

    ^ That's my youngest sister. 

During Fright Fest, the staff dress up and walk around the park trying to scare people. It's fun to see their different costumes. I felt like the make-up and masks were good this year, but unfortunately we missed out on pictures with a lot of them since we took the ski lift to the other side of the park. We'll see you next year Fright Fest. 

Have a great Wednesday, 


  1. There are so many people I know that have a stop to Chick Fil A for breakfast as a game day ritual! That was one tough loss on Saturday. :(

    I haven't been to Six Flags in years. One of my biggest fears ever is getting stuck on a roller coaster. I never was a big fan but as an adult? I wont even contemplate riding them lol.

  2. Ugh, that loss hurt my heart SO bad! HOW in the world did we lose to Vandy?! They're like the worst team in the SEC this year. Haha. I have to keep reminding myself that it's a rebuilding year, but I sure hope ol' Kirbs gets his act together for next year.

  3. Looks like such a fun weekend! I'm blown away by your pumpkins! You guys are all very creative and artistic!

  4. Sounds like such a fun weekend, though it's such a bummer about the loss! It hurts even more on homecoming. :( Your pumpkins are fantastic! I love the pink one. haha.

  5. Such a bummer about your Homecoming loss! It's always tough, especially at home! We used to go to Fright Fest at Six Flags Fiesta Texas when we were younger, and I always loved getting to see everybody dressed up! I think that I need to do it again soon!

  6. Pretty pumpkins. I can't help wondering if the Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A employees hate dealing with app orders + drive thru lane + customers inside the store.


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