Game Day Weekend: GA vs. SC

The Georgia vs. South Carolina football game was delayed a day because of Hurricane Matthew so we left for South Carolina Saturday afternoon. The gust of winds were strong as we got into South Carolina and were pushing against the RV, causing us to keep swerving back n' forth within the lane.
I had to grab a chair and sit shot gun with my parents so I didn't get car sick.

Hoping everyone in Hurricane Matthew's path made it out alright! Thankfully, Savannah wasn't it as hard as expected, but Fort Pulaski did see record high tides and is still under water last I heard. Shout out to my dad who's spent the last week and a half working his a$$ off to make sure his Kroger stores were back up and running for residents in affected areas. You never think about the people who are responsible for running operations, but kudos to my dad and his teams who spent hours on conference calls putting plan of actions into place for affected stores that had lost power for too long.

11 of the stores he oversees lost power losing everything from dairy to ice cream, cheese, frozen goods, etc. That's 11 of his stores (not including all the others) that had to be gutted, cleaned, and restocked before re-opening. Although we spent the weekend in South Carolina for the Georgia game, he wasn't able to enjoy much of it. So thankful for all the people that work overtime during natural disasters. We appreciate you, so much! Whether it's operations, line men, service men and women, red cross disaster relief workers, people in the community coming together to help one another, I appreciate all of you for all your hard work and sacrifices! 

Saturday night we celebrated the birthday boy! We took him to Longhorns for his birthday. As we waited to be seated, we stood in the bar area watching the Tennessee vs. Texas A&M game. What an ENDING! Way to beat Tennessee in overtime, Texas! It brought us so much joy to see Tennessee's streak come to an end after their hail mary win against UGA last weekend.

Sunday we enjoyed the Dawgs vs. Gamecocks game at Williams-Brice Stadium. We couldn't help but laugh seeing gamecock fans wearing hats that read "COCKS" across the front. Was there not a more perspective mascot pick when this team was created, lol? What exactly is a gamecock? We researched it. It's a rooster bred and trained for fighting, specifically cockfighting. In a cock fight, two roosters fight each other to death, while people place bets on which gamecock they think will win.

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We had a great view of the stadium from our seats, and some interesting seats for game day drama. We had a fight break out at the end of our row between two female gamecock fans. The girl at the end of our row was being mouthy the whole game, trash talking the dawgs and cussing out the dawg fans around her. The lady a couple rows up from her asked her to be stop and be respectful. After all, we're all there to enjoy the football game. No need to get nasty. It only escalated further when the girl at the end of our row told the other girl, "You're not my mom. You don't control me. F**k off". Both ladies ended up leaving during half-time and never returned. We were wondering if they ran into each other again during half-time and got escorted out. If that wasn't interesting enough, the drunk girl behind us starts crying. She was crying because she was drunk and hated the drunk feeling. We were cracking up laughing once she started yelling, "Why am I crying?! I only cry when I watch Grey's Anatomy!" 10 minutes later, the girl starts puking everywhere. Thankfully, the area we were sitting in wasn't super crowded so we were able to move down a few rows in front of us. Gotta love gamecock fans!

My beautiful glamour shots of before game and after game, ^ lol. This is what seats in the blistering sun gets you. Even though it was only 80, it felt so much hotter as the sun beamed down on us for 4 quarters. It was all worth it when the Dawgs won the game, 28-14. Go Dawgs! Another weekend for the tailgating books. 

It you've been following my instagram or snapchat or this week (k8lyn28), you may of seen some of our adventures this week. Can't wait to share those details with y'all next week! We'll be getting ready for tomorrows game, Georgia vs. Vanderbilt, in Athens. 

Hoping everyone has a fun and safe weekend, 



  1. I appreciate people like your dad. My husband has been in upper management at a couple of the large retail chains; I know the behind-the-scenes stuff is hectic. A lot of people don't realize how much work goes into it.

  2. Oh man, sounds like those Gamecock fans need to learn some class. Yikes! I always laugh when I see their cocks hats too. Ridiculous mascot if you ask me. That was a great win, but the Vandy game was rough. I am always happy to see Tennessee lose and I am glad we beat them pretty good this weekend!

  3. Oh South Carolina... always keeping in classy! Haha! And yes, Gamecocks... I've always wondered what the heck they were thinking choosing THAT as their mascot, too. So weird.

    I was so glad that we were able to pull out a win against them, but boy oh boy was this past weekend's game against Vandy just awful!! Man oh man were we glad that we didn't go to that one!

  4. Oh man, bummer that you had so much drama around you at the game! I'm glad the hurricane wasn't as bad as expected though. I never thought about all the people who have to keep the stores and things running, what a huge job!


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