Mayfield Factory Tour

A couple weekends ago, we enjoyed a tour around the Mayfield Dairy Factory. When you walk inside through the front doors, it reminds you of a crackle barrel store and how it's filled with toys, t-shirts, and knick knacks. We bought our tickets for the tour ($4/each) and received a ticket for a free scoop of ice cream at the end of our tour. 

The tour starts off with a introduction video that provides the history behind Mayfield and how it began. Some interesting facts we learned were: 

-The first dairy cows weren't brought to America until the 17th century in 1611. 

-An average cow, milked twice a day, can produce up to 160 glasses of milk.

-Mayfields signature yellow jug protects the milk from losing nutrients.

When the video finished, we begin to tour the facility. We walked by rooms that held all the large dairy filtering systems and got to take a peek at how the process works by looking through the large glass windows. You weren't allowed to physically tour the inside of the rooms, but as we walked up and down the halls, you could see into every room through the windows. 

We got to the room where the milk is packaged and where the jugs are filled up, and some may be intrigued to learn that Mayfield milk is not only produced under the Mayfield label, but it's also the same milk you'll find under cheaper labels like, Walmart's Great Value milk. The difference is in the jug. Mayfield talks about how the yellow jug protects your milk from losing important nutrients, so by buying the white jug, you're losing valuable nutrients. 

The tour was pretty short and sweet. Initially, we thought we were going to see how the ice cream is made but we were surprised to learn that this is their milk plant and their ice cream plant is located in Tennessee. At the end of our tour, I enjoyed a delicious double scoop of rocky road ice cream. 

I think I need this bowl in my life, anyone else? 

Friday at Five: 

1. We're out of town for a wedding this weekend. We've had nothing but rain since we arrived in town so fingers crossed their special day goes as planned! 

2. I spied these super cute fringe booties at Target yesterday and can't decide which ones I want, help! These or these or these?

3. We'll be missing the first home game in Athens this weekend, UGA vs. Nicholls State Colonels (who? lol). Wishing our dawgs the best of luck! Roof roof. 

4. Every time I travel, my Costal Scents blush palette breaks. Zac to the rescue though because he read somewhere that you can use alcohol to fix the broken powder. He poured the alcohol into the powder, slowly, until there was enough to stir the liquified powder around. He stirred it, let it set, and the alcohol dried up. Ta-da. Brush palette good as new! 

5. I'm hooked on Starbucks Tevana Chai Latte. If you haven't tried it, I recommend it if you like cinnamon. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 



  1. Ice cream!!!!!!! My sister went on that tour but I never made it. I think you most certainly need that bowl.

  2. Their Moosetracks ice cream is my favorite. I am surprised that dairy cows have only been here since 1611; would have thought it was two or three centuries more.

  3. YUM! Such a fun tour! And now I'm totally craving ice cream! Happy Friday and Go Dawgs <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. Oh my goodness! I am so jealous that you went on an ice cream tour! That is legitimately one of my bucket list items!

  5. OH my gosh, how fun was this?! I need to put this on my bucket list! I would die!

  6. This looks SO fun! What a great looking day!


  7. Yum, this looks so fun and delicious! 160 glasses of milk a DAY?! I had no idea it was that much! Holy cow! :)


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