Happy Monday Y'all!

With a hot Oprah Chai Latte in one hand, and banana nut bread in the other, I'm kicking off the new week the right way.

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We have some big news to announce this week and that is...we're moving...again.......yay.

Ok, so I'm not super excited, but that's because this will be a bitter sweet move. I love living on the east coast. I love downtown Savannah, I love Tybee Island, I love being within a driving distance to South Carolina and Florida, I just love it. For me, this was always a place I could see myself settling down in for the long haul. It's my happy place, the place I love calling home, but as much as I love it, sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the greater good of your relationship and other half.

Or maybe you don't and you just drag your feet and tell him you're never moving! Lol I gave it a try, but he just laughed and walked away. At the end of the day, he knows I'll follow him wherever he goes, and vice versa, but it doesn't always mean it's easy or willingly.

Zac specializes in aviation and his options here in Savannah have always been limited. After being laid off from the largest aviation company in Savannah, he's struggled to find work. Every week he'll get job offers from places all over...Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, North Carolina, Tennessee, Las Vegas, California, etc. Every week he turns down the offer, in hopes that the next one is an offer for Savannah, but still, no luck.

Over the last couple weeks, he's gotten a couple offers to interview for positions outside of Atlanta, so we've decided that moving to Atlanta is the next step for us. I know if the roles were reversed, he'd move to wherever it was that would take my career to that next step, so here's to you boo thang! May this move be the key that unlocks the door to a future of opportunity and success...and a future of Kaitlyn never having to pack or unpack another box again, lol jk, we know that's not realistic.

We'll be moving to the suburbs, about 45 minutes outside of Atlanta. One plus about moving is we'll be a lot closer to my family. My dad's probably over there like awe hell, we just sent another one off to college and now one's moving back, haha, sorry dad!

On the other hand, Mom is superrr excited I'm moving close to home. So excited, she tried to convince me to move home weeks earlier. It's been awhile since I've lived close to home, so it'll be good to reunite with the family. I'm so looking forward to popping in at my parents house for dinner and not having to cook dinner, yay lol.

We'll be spending our last couple of weeks here packing, going through storage, and enjoying some of our favorite places before we say our final goodbyes.

Wishing everyone a Happy Monday!

P.S- Did my fellow iPhone owners do the new iOS update? We've been having too much fun with it. I'm dying to upgrade to the new iPhone 7. I'm still on the 5S.


  1. I know you are sad to move but Atlanta is always fun!!! It is the place I have lived the longest. What area of town are you moving to? Also, hand me a piece of that banana nut bread!!!

  2. Uh, moving is such a pain! But I understand - these days you really need to go to where the jobs are. Maybe you'll get back to Savannah one day! Good luck!

  3. I admire you for wanting to support his dream. And it doesn't have to be for the rest of your lives. Maybe you can spend more time in Savannah someday.

  4. Banana nut bread... yummmmm. Happy Tuesday!

  5. That's exciting news!! I hope you guys have a lot of great things in your future there! We live 2 miles from my mom and she LOVES it. But she wishes we were CLOSER! This weekend she was telling me the house across the street is for sale. 2 miles is close enough for me! :)

  6. Girl, I feel you SO much on this! Moving is so hard, especially when you love where you live! I hope you grow to love your new place just as much, and being close to family is great! :)

  7. yum, banana bread sounds really good! Now I want to make it. Congrats on the move even if you aren't so excited about it. New adventures are always fulfilling in their own way!


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