Battle of the Air Mattress

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This past week has been the battle of the air mattress. We're currently in between places and have been staying with a friend until we can find a new place. I voted we buy an air mattress instead of trying to haul our queen size mattress up a skinny set of stairs into my friends apartment. Zac agreed, way easier. 
Everything was going well until we woke up one morning to find our bodies hovering above the floor. Zac and I were smushed together like we'd been sleeping in a giant taco shell.
Climbing out of that taco shell was like climbing out of a deflated moon bounce. I never knew having a deflated air mattress could be such a daily workout.

Good news is, we finally found the hole in the mattress. Gabby, our new puppy, was definitely the culprit. It was a small hole the size of her little puppy nail. Zac tried patching it with the clear patch that came with the mattress but that didn't cut it. All week we'd fill the mattress up with more air, only to wake up and find ourselves sleeping on the floor. This was getting old. My poor body had more kinks in my back and neck with each passing day. I begged Zac to go to the store and search for something that would patch the hole. He returned with super glue and duct tape. That outta fix the problem, right?! 

Wrong. This fool decided he was going to deflate the air mattress and then super glue the hole. Problem is, when he super glued the hole, he glued the top layer of the mattress to the bottom layer of the mattress.Apparently I wasn't the only one half asleep.

So then, he decides he's going to air the mattress back up so that the glued layers will separate. Yay, problem solved?

Not exactly.

You see, when he aired the mattress back up, the layers separated and ripped a hole in the bottom of the mattress. We didn't notice the new hole until we were laying down to go to sleep and suddenly we began deflating. All I could do is laugh at this point, like what the fudge?!

Zac found the hole in the bottom of the mattress and patched it. "Finally!", I thought. Finally I can sleep. I laid down on the mattress and tried to get comfy. Of course it was interrupted when I felt air coming from underneath the covers. Either we had purchased some type of fanning blanket or there was definitely another hole blowing cold air on my legs.


Well you know what you little air mattress, touché because I forfeit this battle. I'd rather sleep on the couch.

Nothing could of made this past sleepless week any better except for the fact that my awesomely amazing boyfriend bought me the NEW IPAD!!! 

Ohhh mmmmm geeeeee!

Excited is an understatement. I've talked about this IPad since the day it was released. This technology is every creative person's dream. I'm having a blast trying to figure it all out!

Shout out to my amazing man who has no future in plugging air mattresses for a living, but went above and beyond in surprising me with the best gift ever, lol.

Happy September FIRST! Where is time going, ah?!


  1. Oh air mattresses. They are always a good idea in theory but man oh man can they be a pain! YAY!!!!! for the iPad!!! I love my Ipad! I have the four but don't see a reason to upgrade yet because all I really do is read on it haha.

  2. Oh goodness! This had me laughing and shaking my head all at the same time. Air mattress are supposed to be such a great idea but I've never met one that doesn't come with a world of issues. But yay for your new iPad! SO exciting! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Return that air mattress ASAP! Very cool about your iPad!

  4. This is such a wonderful post! Have a nice day:)

  5. I definitely feel for husband and I recently spent ten weeks with my parents, due to an unfair job loss, and we slept on an air mattress for the first few weeks at this apartment. Not fun! Ours also got a small hole somewhere. There were some nights when lying on the floor was a tempting idea. I hope you two get settled into a new place soon!

  6. Hahaha okay, this was hilarious, but I also feel for you. My now husband and I moved in together after college, but he finished school a few months before me, and we were like 30-45 minutes apart, so he stayed in the apartment with an air mattress until I was done and brought my bed up. (I came up weekends.) He was SO EXCITED when he didn't have to sleep on it anymore! Lucky for us, it belonged to my parents and they bought a super heavy duty one that we never would've bought on our budget.

  7. Oh no!! How frustrating!! I feel for ya, girl. But YAY for a new Ipad!

  8. Oh gosh, I can't stand air mattresses. I can't ever fall asleep on them. I remember going to Athens and staying with friends when I was in college and I would just lay there wide awake because the air mattress was so uncomfortable. Lol.

  9. That sucks about the air mattress! We haven't had to deal with that recently, but it's definitely no fun! At least you got a pretty awesome gift out of it though! The new iPad is so awesome!

  10. Chris had the same problem with our air mattress when he had to sleep on it while I was recovering from surgery! We have no idea where the tiny holes were coming from!

  11. This story is too funny! The struggle with an air mattress is REAL! I swear they never stay inflated no matter what I do!


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