Ruff Times

Hey strangers! Long time, no blog. We've had quite an eventful past few weeks. After Zac and I were laid off from our jobs, in the same week no less (I'm so serious- what are the odds?!), I decided to still go on the beach trip I had planned with my best-friend and just relax and enjoy a week away from reality. Upon returning from my beach trip, Zac and I joined my family on a spontaneous road-trip to Nashville for the weekend. We returned home Sunday evening to find a notice on our front door that we're to be out of our apartment by Sunday the 31st @ 1pm! Say what......?!?!?

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This month has taken the icing on the cake, that's for sure! Long story short, I guess you could say I didn't read the fine print in my lease where it explains that my lease does not renew automatically. I was under the impression it would continue to roll over until terminated, like my past leases, but welcome to college town leasing terms. Totally overlooked that one. When I went to the leasing office to beg and plead for an extension, they basically gave me the middle finger and had no sympathy for the fact that they were giving me only 7 days to find a new place to live. Excuse me while I go into freak out and panic mode. According to the lease, that last minute notice is also considered acceptable. Future note to self, I should probably go back and read the fine print of my lease. Ugh, take me back to the beach!

So with all of that crazy-ness going on, I was thankful to of found a new job relatively quickly. While Zac's still on the hunt, sugar momma's holding down the fort ;) lol. I was at work a couple nights ago when Zac texted me at 3am saying he kept hearing a crying dog sound coming from outside. Upon further inspection, he found that the sound was coming from a storm drain in the backyard. He shined a light down the drain, but still couldn't see anything. He estimated the drain to be about 4 or 5 feet deep. It was too far for Zac to reach, so he called 911 and asked for help. Three officers showed up and helped Zac rescue the dog from the storm drain. Together they followed the drains and forced the dog to move to an area that would be within a reachable distance. Everyone was in awe when they pulled the dog from the drain. She only looked to be about 5 weeks old. 

Zac took her to the vet to insure she had no injuries from falling in the drain. Her exam revealed that she was one healthy pup. The vet confirmed our suspicions of her breed being possible hound/shepherd mix. They were so nice to comp her vet exam and send Zac home with a bag full of goodies for doing a good deed. Against our best attempts to find her owner, no one's come forward. Zac posted her picture on several local Facebook groups. They even shared the story on the local news and local police department page. 

The vet thinks she was a puppy to a stray momma, who probably hid her in the storage drain to keep her safe. Since no one's come forward, Zac's decided he wants to take her in and keep her. 

It's official! Welcome to the family, Grace. After losing Zac's grandma this month, he decided to name her Grace in memoriam of his late grandma. 

I personally think she looks more like a Gabriella lol, but I'm letting him call the shots on this one. She loves to be cuddled when she's sleeping.   

Rocking my St. Patty's day sunglasses! 
It's been a "ruff" week, but little Miss Grace has definitely put a smile on our faces. After all, who doesn't love puppy kisses and puppy breath. 

Turn in tomorrow for the recap of my beach vacation in Venice, Florida.


  1. I'm glad to hear you found a job so quickly! Oh my goodness... that puppy!!! What a sweet story, I'm glad she has a good home now!

  2. Gosh, what a horrible month you guys have had! And little Grace was put into your life for a good reason and at the right time. What a blessing it was to find her!


  3. I can't believe the apartment! It seems like they would be like, "Okay, cool, you can stay, now we don't have to find a new tenant!" Don't managers usually get bonuses for keeping tenants? Idk, seems like more work for them! But OMG the puppy! So dang cute, and at least a bright spot in a bad month. My brother is a security guard at a hospital and found a dog (two actually) in a window well on the hospital grounds. He ended up keeping one of the dogs when no one claimed her and they have such an awesome bond!

  4. I cant even the handle the cuteness of that sweet pup!!!! And I am so very much loving Grace!!! Makes me miss my Gracie so much. I have had two different Shepard type breeds and they seriously make some of the best dogs. I am so glad she found a someone to save her. Good luck on your apartment hunt. I used to work in residential management and them giving you a seven day notice makes me cringe. We used to send out a 60 day and 30 day. Congrats on the new job and best wishes to Zac in his search.

  5. Oh, no. So sorry to hear about your jobs! That can be a total blow. Glad to know you have already found work! Hopefully you'll be in a new place soon too. Love little Grace! She is the cutest!


  6. You've definitely had a rough couple of weeks, but that sweet pup makes it all better! I'm so glad that y'all were able to save her!

  7. Wow, when it rains, it pours! I'm glad you were able to find a job quickly and I hope everything works out with your living situation! Your new puppy is the absolute cutest! I'd be cuddling that little one 24/7!

  8. Oh no I'm sorry to hear of all the bad luck recently! Taking some quick trips definitely helps to get your mind off of things and of course a cute puppy does the trick too!

  9. What a sweet little puppy! Thank goodness he rescued her!! That's the worst about your jobs and your apartment! I hope things start looking up soon!

  10. sorry you had a seriously crappy week but that little pup really is super cute!

  11. I can't tell you how many bad moments have been cured by looking into my sweet pup's face! I feel like Grace found you at just the right time. Hang in there!


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