Nevada Road-Trip

Back in April, we flew to Vegas for our friends bachelor and bachelorette parties. Everyone flew in on a Thursday night, and left Sunday morning. Flights were the same price to fly back Sunday evening, as they were to fly back on Monday evening, so Zac and I decided to stay an extra night in Vegas and make the most of our vacation. 

After saying goodbye to our group of friends who were flying out Sunday afternoon, Zac spontaneously decided we were going to rent a mustang convertible and hit the deserts of Nevada. 
He swears he mentioned this idea to me earlier on in the trip at some point, but I was completely surprised and taken back when he mentioned the idea to rent a car and drive through the desert. I have to admit, it didn't sound that exciting. 

Being a space nerd and all, he told me the history behind this little town in the middle of nowhere that was known for UFO sightings, and was on his bucket list of towns to visit. By this point, I was looking at him like he was plum crazy. I didn't know what to think or expect, but I went along with it and let him have his day. We rented a beautiful black mustang convertible and hit the roads. We stopped along the way and stocked up on snacks and water. I was tempted to buy a bottle of sunscreen, but I didn't want to pay the $10 for such a small bottle. What a waste of $10 lol. We later regretted not buying the sunscreen, as the desert sun showed us who was boss. Our skin felt like dried out leather by the end of the day. Our mouths were dry too, even despite having drank water throughout the duration of our road-trip. 


Our 2 hour road-trip through the desert, destination: middle of nowhere, ended up being such a beautiful drive. It was a gorgeous, cloudless day, and the weather was perfect! I was in awe of all the pretty hills and mountains. Who would of thought at the start of the road trip, that I would of enjoyed it as much as I did. As we passed through small towns, we were thankful that we stopped early on in our adventure, as there was absolutely nothing in some of these towns. We passed by some of the prettiest farms along the way. There was something so peaceful and serene about feeling like you were the only person for miles and miles! A little intimidating, but also refreshing, like we had found absolute seclusion in such a busy world.  Zac and I day dreamed about what it would be like to live out there, especially at night when the sky lights up with millions of stars. 

We ended up having such a blast driving through the deserts of Nevada. We didn't spot any UFO's (thankfully), but Zac enjoyed getting to see and explore an area that he had heard so much about. I have to hand it to him. We had a lot of fun on this spontaneous road-trip of ours.

Watch to see where exactly we ended up in the Nevada deserts. 

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  1. How fun! I've been to Las Vegas a few times but never made it out of the main strip area...renting a car to explore the dessert sounds like a fun adventure.

  2. What a fun little road trip that you went on!! And now you have the story to tell :)

  3. Love that you guys took advantage of the extra day, and explored more outside the city. So pretty! Next time I go to Vegas I need to rent a car :-D
    Green Fashionista

  4. All of your snaps from your trip looked like so much fun! During our first visit to Vegas we took a day trip and went hiking in Red Rock Canyon! It was gorgeous and I definitely recommend visiting, especially if you enjoyed your desert roadtrip! I bet the stars would be amazing at night out there!

  5. I love a good spontaneous road trip! I also love the desert! It seems like it wouldn't be a great destination, but there's just something about it! Looks like you made the most of your trip for sure! And who wouldn't love buzzing around in a black mustang for the day! :D

  6. I'd love to drive through a desert once and my boyfriend's dream trip would be to drive down route 66, haha! One day... ;)

  7. It looks like quite the adventure, and I would definitely stay the extra night if u were given the choice too!

  8. I love that you drove through Nevada. Well parts of it. I am from Nevada and have traveled that stretch of road more than I can count.

  9. I love exploring Nevada-it's so pretty!


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