How to Care for the Caregive

Nothing makes my hurt ache more than seeing those I love in pain. 

Cancer doesn't just change the person it infects. It forever changes a family. 

We have a family member battling terminal cancer, and as she nears the final stage of her battle, my heart hurts when I hear her daughter say, "I'm not ready to let her go yet". 

I see the pain the she's holding back. The pain and guilt of wanting to let her go, but not knowing how she'll continue on without her mom, the center of her world. 

As we gather by her bed side, watching every breath she takes, I can't help but wonder if that will be the last breath she ever takes. 

Every time the phone rings, I hold my breath wondering if this is going to be the call that shatters the family's heart into pieces. 

I hurt for them, because I know the pain that will soon follow. 

It's a pain that will forever ache. 

When someone spends over a year of their life being a caregiver to their loved ones, it doesn't end there. As a family, you have to step up and be there for those who have suffered of will suffer the greatest loss. 

As I sit at the daughter's house, I'm reminded that we have to remember to care for the caregivers. 

She sacrifices so much everyday to make sure her mom is well taken care of, but who's taking care of her? 

She works 9am-5pm, sits by her moms bedside from 5:30pm-9pm, comes home exhausted, gets back up at 6:30am to go sit with her mom from 7am-9am, until she has to leave for work again. On the weekends, she's there mostly all day Saturday and Sunday, even though her mom has full-time sitters.  

My hat goes off to her. She's been so selfless and strong, as strong as one can be, throughout this difficult and emotional journey. 

In taking care of the caregivers, it's helping out with the little things like doing their laundry, doing the dishes, making them a home cooked meal, going to the grocery store for them, or doing some housekeeping. Whatever you can do to make their day lighter and easier, is all that matters. They'll appreciate the little things more than you know. 

Keeping all the caregivers around the world, in my thoughts and prayers today. 

You're one of a kind. 


  1. This is such a sad & wonderful post!! Caregivers work tirelessly and we should help in anyway we can. So sorry your family is going through this!

  2. This post brought a tear to my eye. Our parents spend so much time taking care of us and we definitely need to take care of them when they get older. My heart goes out to your family
    Xo, Evelina @ Fortunate House

  3. Such a beautiful post, I can't even imagine the sacrifice she's making and I'm glad she's spending these last precious moments and days with her mom. My parents went through the same recently with my dad's amazing parents. They so selflessly were by their side for months <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. Awwww I will be thinking about your family, it is always such a hard time. Caregivers are truly amazing.

  5. what a touching post! i have heard so much about how difficult it can be to be the caregiver. Breaks my heart and I can only imagine. This is so well written.

  6. This is such an extremely tough situation for her to be in but her dedication shows her unconditional love and not wanting to miss a moment with her mom, when she can. It's hard to imagine but I think your instinct has to kick in at that point. Prayers for as cancer is such an unfortunate disease which I lost one of my best friends to a few years ago.


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