5 Signs You're Aging

You look forward to sleeping in your own bed-

The older I get, the less I enjoy sleeping in random places and the more I crave my soft lucious bed. I used to look forward to sleeping in my parents guest bedroom because their tempur-pedic guest bed was just so amazing, but there’s just something more comforting about being in my own bed lately. After going to Atlanta to visit my parents last weekend, Zac and I couldn’t wait to return home to sleep in our own bed again. We both agreed that we slept better on our first night back home, than we had all weekend. Are we becoming homebody's, slowly but surely?! No! This can't happen! Not possible!

You sometimes wish your friends still had curfews-

Haha, I love my friends but sometimes I’m counting down the minutes until they leave so I can crawl into my bed, get some work done around the house, create a new blog post, or check something else off my to-do list. You value your free time when you’re a working girl. I love my friends, but bye Felicia! I'm done entertaining for the night. 

Your joints ache like an elderly woman-

Granted I’m 20lbs heavier and I work on my feet all day long, but my knees ache 24-7. My mom told me she read an article that talks about for every 5lbs overweight you are, it adds 20lbs of weight on your joints. Ouch! Maybe that explains it. After hearing such great reviews about Asics tennis shoes, I finally gave them a try and I can't say enough good things about them! The support they provide is amazing. When I occasionally switch from my Asics back to my Nikes, I feel like I'm walking on cardboard. Sorry Nike! Team Asics now, at least when I'm at work. They've been a life saver. My joints still ache, especially when I have to go up and down the stairs, but these new shoes have helped tremendously! My feet aren't as sore when I leave work as they used to be. 

You keep finding grey hairs-

First it was one, then it was two, and now it’s several. Thankfully they’re under the thicker parts of my hair. I always find them when I’m drying my hair. I’ve never died my hair before so I always joke around, that at least going grey will allow me to change up my look someday. I still cringe with every silver strand I find. Forever young at heart, lol.

Your body starts working against you- 

I’ve developed this well known condition called, heartburn/acid reflux, that most people can relate to. I don’t what triggered it, but I’ve been having intense acid reflux, especially this month. Every time I wake up, my throat feels like it’s burning. Anytime I bend over, I can feel it coming up my esophagus. I’ve tried tums, a glass of milk, water, etc. It’s been a consistence occurrence everyday for the past several weeks. Help! Advice anyone? Hoping it goes away soon. 


  1. I so feel this way. I found my first gray hair recently. Super bummed. I have children so I really want those long late nights, but I just can't handle it. Ha.

  2. I totally have a ton of gray hairs! and got super sore from doing a few cartwheels on the beach this weekend. I think time needs to reverse itself!

  3. Ahhh don't get me started on the grey hairs. Or the fact that my body betrays me daily. And can we talk about the wrinkles around my eyes. Or the fact that I cant stay up past 10pm hardly eve but am up between 5-630 am every day naturally. Haha!

  4. Ugh, I hate when I find grey hairs! It's so depressing when you start to find them! I'm glad that I'm not the only one that loves to have a little me time too!

  5. Lol i am cracking up because this is SO accurate. Especially the sleeping in your own bed part haha. Which reminds me the other day my best friend was like yea lets have a girls slumber party soon and i was like uhhhhh no. i need my bed. and my pillow. sorry.
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  6. Ahhh the infamous gray hairs that keep sprouting up! And yessss to the curfews and of course sleeping in your own bed. Whenever my friends ask if I just want to crash at their place, all I can think about is my own bed :)
    Green Fashionista

  7. Yes to the bed and curfew!!! One of my co-workers was talking about going out for her birthday and that it would be starting at 10pm........... *crickets* that's when I like to be in bed and comfortable...

    My knees pop/crack every time I had to squat down to do something with Sophie or get up off the floor....I'm still in my 20's, I'm too young for all this.

    liz @ j for joiner

  8. I get heartburn and achy joints too. Oh the joys! lol

  9. All of these are sooo true. I'm so glad I haven't found gray hair yet. I will have a meltdown on that day.

    Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  10. This is so cute!! Couldn't agree with you more about 'the own bed thing'

    - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

  11. i have to colour my hair ever 4 weeks to keep the grays away!!!!!!

  12. In high school, I used to say that when I got older, I would stay up until 2 AM every night and go shopping and eat at cool restaurants. Now that I am 28, there are plenty of nights when I just want to play a movie for background noise, browse the Internet for a little while, drink some beer or wine, then go to bed. And there is nothing like being in your own bed!


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