Over the Weekend

What a busy action packed weekend. Friday night, I drove to Atlanta to go to the Luke Bryan concert with my best-friend and sister. Saturday, I had a baby shower to attend and then I met up with my sister at the park to take her graduation pictures. Sunday, my sister celebrated her birthday by doing the most insane thing ever!

Luke Bryan's, Kick the Dust Up Tour, was joined by Dustin Lynch and Little Big Town. I love Little Big Town and Luke Bryan, so the pairing on a tour was a match made in heaven for me. We had a good time, through the rain and all. The rain came and went several times throughout the concert. We'd put our rain jackets on, and take them off again 5 seconds later. It was so much fun though! Luke Bryan and Little Big Town paired together later on in the evening to sing Ed Sheerhan's, Thinking Out Loud, and Marvin Gaye's, Let's get it on. 

My friend's are so lucky to have a friend who doesn't charge them for my services, lol. From birthdays, to weddings, and now baby showers, my friends are always requesting my chalk marker artwork for party decor. My sister made the momma-to-be baseball tank top. Everything turned out so cute at the shower. I also made the sporty mason jar designs with acrylic paint. My best-friend's sister is due any day now. 

With only a few weeks left, we've created a calendar and placed bets on when "Carson" will make his debut. Mel was placed on bed rest last week due to high BP, so she sat in a lawn chair for the majority of her baby shower, to stay off her feet. 

Sunday morning, my mom and sister woke up bright and early to make the two hour drive over to a small town that offers skydiving. 

Skydiving has always been on my moms bucket list, and Sunday was my sisters birthday, so they planned to go first thing Sunday morning. My dad was a nervous wreck for them. Surprisingly, mom and my sister were both really calm and nonchalant. They didn't get nervous until their instructors shuffled them out the doors at 14,000 feet above land. It was such a neat experience, even from the ground! We got to watch a couple groups before my mom and my sister's group, jump and land. Everyone had a professional videographer that jumped out of the plane with them to record their jumps from beginning to end. We got to watch the videos when they were done. So wild! I'm crazy, but wasn't crazy enough to jump out of the plane with this time around, maybe next time ;)

What did you do this weekend? 


  1. Cute baby shower!!! I could never sky dive....no ma'am not for me! They are sooo brave.

    liz @ j for joiner

  2. Exciting weekend with a concert, baby shower and watching skydiving! I would have been next to you on the ground, no thank you ma'am to sky diving! haha!

  3. Ahhhh what an amazing concert... Luke Bryan - swoon! And how exciting to watch them go skydiving! I think I'd be on the ground too, but so much fun to watch :-D


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