Over the Weekend

What's a girl to do when they give her 5 days off from work? Plan a spontaneous and luxurious vacation of course. Lol, although that would of been nice, our travel funds are maxed out at the moment so I decided to take a trip home to Atlanta to spend some time with my family before summer classes begin. This past week was the first real break I had from all things school related. It was nice to unwind and relax, and not have any deadlines to stress about.

My youngest sister got her permit this week. I dropped her off at school Friday morning and Friday afternoon we went driving. First, I had her drive around the neighborhood several times until she got comfortable with how my car drives. I had her "attempt" to park at the clubhouse. She scared me half to death when she mashed the gas and not the brake, and almost rammed my car into the curb. I was like, "Oh no! Definitely not ready to leave the neighborhood yet." We drove around the neighborhood a few more times before I felt comfortable with letting her get out on the main road. She did much better on the main roads than I expected. She liked to drive as far over to the right of the lane as possible to avoid oncoming traffic. We kept bordering, if not crossing the white line, so she had me squirming that we may take out a few mailboxes. I instantly grabbed the wheel a couple times to guide her back to the middle of the lane. Phew, scary! We made it back home safely. Putting your life in a 15 year olds hands is terrifying to say the least. I think I put my feet on the dashboard at least three times.

Friday night we made an appearance at Relay for Life to celebrate my mom being cancer free for 13 years now.

Friday night, Zac and one of my best-friends met us at my parents house in Atlanta, and Saturday we all spent the day at Six Flags. My sister and her friend convinced me to do the giant swing with them. It was terrifying, but exciting! As they strapped us in our harnesses, my heart started pounding. As much as I love a good adrenaline rush, I've never been a fan of the whole free falling feeling. After the drop, I felt like my mind blacked out. Everyone was asking how was it, and I could hardly recall it. I think I still was in a state of shock. It didn't help that my sisters friend started screaming, "Help! The cord's stuck!" as we were dangling from cords at the very top. My sister and I were freaking out screaming, "What?! What do you mean it's... *que* her pulling the cord when we least expected it. And *que* me screaming the entire way down, lol. I held on to everyone's hands for dear life, from start to finish.

The lines were really long at Sixflags. We waited about an hour + per ride. This was my best-friends first time at Six Flags and her first time riding a roller coaster, ever! She was freaking out! We decided to ride Goliath first. I thought it would be a good idea to get her on the biggest ride first. Oops, bad idea. After Goliath, she refused to ride another ride. She was so scared and kept psyching herself out. I even got her on a second ride, but she freaked out and asked the staff to let her off the ride. I know what it's like to be scared so I didn't push it. She'll ride another ride eventually. We bought season passes so we'll be back. The line for the new ride with the Samsung 3D virtual goggles was over 2.5 hours long! We actually stood in it! By the time we reached the front, we were ready to get it over with and head home. Our feet were so numb from standing in line so long. After 8 hours in the park, we were sunburned and tired, and decided to call it a day.


Sunday morning, we got up and hit the trails. My dad is determined to lose 20lbs, so he suggested we go hike the trails at Stone Mountain. I was shocked since my dad is never usually the one to recommend fitness activities. That's usually mom's role. We completed another 5 mile hike around the mountain. The last part of the trail requires you to hike up the mountain a bit. Zac had me dying laughing when he yelled, "What are these?! Black diamond hills?!" It makes it hard to hike up a mountain when you're laughing so hard. He continued to make sound effects as though he was dying until we reached the top. Meanwhile, my dad's yelling, "No pain, no gain!" I didn't find his words very encouraging or motivational as I hyperventilated to catch my breath, lol. Finally, we reached the peak of the trail. Everything from that point forward was down hill. Hallelujah! We enjoyed BBQ for lunch before packing up and heading home.


Check out my dad working on his yoga poses, lol. We asked a stranger to stop and get a picture of us all doing a yoga pose so we could send it to my mom, who was out of town on a girls trip with my aunt. The poor lady had to take quite a few before we nailed it. I couldn't stop laughing at my Dad and Zac trying to hold their yoga poses, too funny! 

We're now the owners of two bikes. My parents were looking to clean out the garage, and Zac and I have been wanting to get our hands on some bikes, so it worked out perfectly. The only downside, my bikes seat is so uncomfortable! I need to find me a new cushion for my tush, and then we'll be ready to ride!


  1. OMG, that looks so fun!!! What a way to spend your time off! I haven not been to an amusement park in FOREVER. I'm so overdue.

  2. You're such a good sister for taking your sister driving! I remember when I first started, no one wanted to take me because I was just learning. She'll get better!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  3. What a fun weekend! I haven't been to Six Flags in forever. Though to be honest, I am ok with that because roller coasters aren't my thing. I love love love Stone Mountain. We are supposed to plan a trip soon to watch the laser show and spend the day hanging out there.

  4. This post is absolutely beautiful! xxx


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