Happy Mother's Day

Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day. After working all night Friday, I got off work, drove home, packed an overnight bag, and we hit the road. Zac drove to Atlanta, while I slept in the backseat, so we could have dinner with my mom for Mother's Day. We arrived in Atlanta around 2pm, showered, dressed, and took our annual Mother's Day photos. Last year we were still living in Kansas, so I wasn't able to make it home for Mother's Day. Even though I had to be back in time for work on Sunday, I knew it would mean a lot to my mom if we showed up for a day. 

For dinner, we celebrated at Cheesecake Factory. It was so delicious! 

I ordered the shrimp (angel hair) pasta. It wasn't nearly as good as last time. I definitely should of went for the steak, but I thought I was feeling pasta. Lol, hate when that happens. For dessert we ordered the Lemon Meringue Cheesecake. It's Zac and I's favorite. We're always too full to eat it so we always take it to-go and indulge later on in the evening. 

Side note- My sister graduates High School in two weeks (* insert tears). I can't believe she's about to leave the nest. She got her college acceptance letter in the mail on Saturday, as we were getting ready to leave for dinner. So exciting! One of the schools she applied to is only about an hour away from home, so we'll see how she likes that. Haha, I know Mom loves the idea of her being that close to home, especially since I chose a school that was four hours away. We're so excited for her! She's waiting to hear back from another college she applied to before she makes her final decision.  

Words cannot express just how much I love this man. He has been so amazing to me since day one, but I have to take a second to brag and tell y'all how amazing he's been these last couple weeks. These past few weeks have been intense as I was juggling a heavier work schedule than normal, while also being in the middle of finals week. This sweet man brought me home cooked meals to work every night, so we could eat dinner together on my lunch break. He even stopped by Dunkin Doughnuts on his way home from work in the afternoons, so he could come home and wake me up with coffee and doughnuts. Isn't he just the sweetest?! Somedays I don't know what I'd do without him. When my brain feels like it's functioning at 25%, he's my missing 75% that gets me through the day. I was leaving work the other morning and opened my car door to find an oatmeal pie sitting on my driver seat. I love oatmeal pies! It's the little things in life. I love my boo thang so much! 

For Mother's Day, mom wanted to do a family hike around Stone Mountain. Only on Mother's Day can she convince the family to do a 5 mile hike lol.

Hope all the mom's and fur mom's had a great Mother's Day weekend. 


  1. Oh man, that hike up Stone Mountain is no joke!!! When I was in college, my roommate and I used to go up there and run around the mountain. There is no way I could do that now I dont think. Ummmm Dunkin Doughnuts being brought to you? Yup you got a keeper!!!

  2. That's so sweet that you drove to see your mom on mother's day. I'm sure she really appreciated it. I definitely agree with you that taking the cheesecake to-go is a must; there's no way I can finish a full meal and dessert in one sitting. Zac sounds so sweet; definitely a keeper!


  3. I still haven't hiked Stone Mtn! Need to change that asap!

  4. Aww looks like you had a great Mother's Day with your family!! I love hiking, one of my favorite out door activities! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Beautiful pics, especially of you and your fam! And Dunkin Donuts is always a good idea, so glad he was there for you while things were stressful <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. Such fabulous photos - I always love spending time with family like this!


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