Weekend Recap

The weather was so beautiful on Friday as I embarked on the four hour road-trip from my place to Atlanta. 

Friday night, my sisters and I went out for frozen yogurt. My sister tried out and made it on the Varsity lacrosse team as a freshmen in high school. They've asked her to be a floater between the JV and Varsity team. I'm so excited and happy for her! What an amazing accomplishment as a freshmen. We were talking at frozen yogurt and she was telling me she wants to be captain. In that moment she's explaining to me how she's a good motivator and positive influence on the team.
She was also asking the coaches what she can do outside of school to improve and grow? I was beginning to tear up like, "Oh my gosh...when did you suddenly grow up and become so mature?!" 

Oh, and this is her texting "boys". Like, "O-M-G, boyssss!" I remember when that was us. 

It was such a nice and relaxing weekend. The weather was warm and beautiful on Saturday and Saturday night, my girlfriends and I got together to hang out and catch up. What was supposed to be a "Netflix and margaritas" night, ended up turning into a tequila shots and bar kinda night.

I think the last time we all went out to the bar together was a couple years ago for my best-friends birthday party. Now that we're all older, we plan dinners so that we can hang out, catch up, but still be in bed by a decent time. It's funny how your priorities start to change over the years. You see yourself making those changes from college life to post grad life, slowly but surely. After one too many margaritas, everyone was in the feeling good and want to dance kind of mood, so we decided to head out to our old stomping grounds. It wasn't long before one of the girls started feeling a little too "turnt up". It was time to call our DD and head home. The next morning some of us woke up fine and hungry, others hating their life and promising they'd never take another shot of tequila ever again. When we finally got around to watching Netflix, it was a "Netflix and water" kind of day. We watched Pitch Perfect 2 and Age of Adeline before calling it a day. 

We were all so in awe of how timeless Blake Lively's beauty is. With 1930's inspired hair and outfits, her beauty was magnified in this movie. We all enjoyed the movie. If you're a romantic, you'll enjoy this one too. 

This weekend I tried a couple new make-up tutorials. One was how to use my Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette to create a smoky eye and the other was how to create the winged eyeliner look. I was happy with how it turned out. I realized that most of these girls wear fake eye lashes to enhance their bold eye make-up look. I didn't try the fake lashes this time around. I like the bold look that fake lashes give you, but not for an everyday look. Too much work for me. 

Mom and I had lunch at sushi before I got on the road to head home. We always make an effort to try new rolls when we go. The Volcano Rolls are one of my favorites so we tried the OMG Rolls and the Cinderella Rolls this time around. The OMG Rolls didn't end up being my favorite. They're deep fried with eel. At first, I couldn't taste the eel, but it started standing out to me the more rolls I tried. The Cinderella Rolls however, were so delicious. Mixed with crab and avocado, they're wrapped in soy paper. They were tasty. I would recommend the Cinderella Rolls to all my fellow sushi lovers. 

What did you do this weekend? Did you get beautiful weather too?


  1. It sounds like you had the best time in Atlanta this weekend! Congrats to your sister for making varsity as a freshman, and for being so mature! I always get a bit teary eyed when my sister does something really wonderful. It sounds like your girls get together couldn't have been any better! It's always so much fun when you get the chance to hang out with your girlfriends after having not seeing each other for a while!

  2. Oh I am totally drooling over your sushi! It looks so good. Your makeup also looks awesome! I love the winged eyeliner and don't even think you need the fake lashes!

  3. The sushi!!! I am all for girls nights, but the sushi got me in the end!!

    I'll have to check out age of adeline, I do like Blake Lively. Congratulations to your sister too! That's a big accomplishment! I only made varsity when I was a junior in high school.

    liz @ j for joiner


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