• I got off work last night around 12:30am, tired as all get out. I came home, brewed a pot of coffee (because for some reason I always want a cup of coffee at night when I should be going to sleep), and ended up cleaning the house and rearranging furniture. 8 hours later, I was still awake. I finally fell asleep around 9am. Lucky me, I have to be back at work at 3pm. #FML #Itsgunnabealongday #Ilovecoffee #Iorganizedeverything 
  • We found out yesterday my boyfriend got offered a job with the company he's been dreaming of working for. He interviewed last week and got the call yesterday. We're taking some time to think things over. We JUST moved 1200 miles back in August. #Ihatemoving #ifinevermovedagainitwouldbetoosoon 
  • But seriously...the plan was to settle down long enough for me to get my degree and we're already contemplating moving again. Another move would mean I'd have to apply and transfer to a new school for the FOURTH time y'all, fourth! No surprise I'm a #studentforlife when you move as much as I have. #seventhmoveinfiveyears #notjoking #doyoufeelmypainyet 
  • Do you ever have those co-workers who went from funny to annoying, real quick like? I liked you one day, and now I don't. I especially don't like you when you try to tell me how to do my job, when you're not even certified to do my job. #backup #swere #MYOB #keepthepeaceintheworkplace
  • Ever since I picked up my fur-child from the dog hotel, he's been doing this new thing where he looks at me and barks at me when he wants to go outside. Before, he would come sit down in front of me and just stare at me until he made eye contact with me. At that point, he would run over to the door and motion towards the door that he was ready to go outside. Now he'll also nibble at my hand when he wants to eat. I don't know why the sudden change in personality, but it's been funny. I feel like he's communicating with me now. #furchild #wegeteachother #roof
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  1. Ugh I cant do late anymore!!! If I am not asleep by 2am I just soon as rather not go to bed because I am up by 6-7am naturally even on days I don't have to go to work. That's what happens when you're old like me haha! Congrats to your boyfriend on getting that job!!! Sounds like you guys have some decisions to make.

  2. I hate when you're so tired but you can't fall asleep! That happened to me last weekend and I so didn't want to wake up the next morning. We've found that Dart has changed his personality a bit since going to doggie daycare. He never used to mark his territory and he picked that up at daycare. It's funny what they learn from other dogs!

  3. Holy smokes I can't believe you stayed up all night cleaning! On the other hand, way to go! I don't blame you for not wanting to move again. Not that I have tons of experience in it, but I know it's tough!


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