Day Three: Paris Recap

While in Paris, we stayed at the "Mercure Hotel". Money wise, it was on the cheaper side of most of the hotels in Paris. We were actually just outside of Paris, so we weren't paying the higher fees to stay within city limits. Thankfully our hotel was right behind an RER stop. All we had to do was buy a RER ticket and hop on the underground subway to take us to where we wanted to go for the day. Not going to lie, our hotel was a little sketch at night. They advised us upon arrival to not be wandering outside the hotel after hours. We never had any problems. We went out late for dinner one night and got an idea of why they had advised to stay in. I'd compare it to Atlanta. You don't want to be wandering the streets of Atlanta after hours because of the rough and rowdy crowds that hang around. Same thing in the area of where the hotel was located. Other than that, it wasn't bad.

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So we get to Paris, we spend the day exploring, we come bak to our hotel rooms exhausted and ready to shower, and for the life us we cannot figure out how the shower works. My roommate and I are turning knobs, just hoping something will turn the water on. I'm laughing and taking pictures, while she's standing on the tub trying to figure it out. Eventually we end up calling down to our other friends room to see if they got their shower working. They're laughing like it was no big deal. My friend, who was staying down the hall, knocks at the door and comes inside the bathroom to show us how the shower turns on. Yay! Houston we have water, but wait, we have another problem...Where the heck is the shower curtain at?!? That piece of glass was the only thing between the shower and the counter. *Sigh*...I was beginning to feel like we were being pranked. 

My roommate tried to shower first and flooded the bathroom into the hallway of our room. It was practically impossible to shower and not get water everywhere! This was the craziest thing I'd ever seen. Who's French idea was this?? Lol, by the time it was my turn to shower, she had gone through all the towers trying to mop up her mess on the floor. Screw it. I was so tired! No shower for me tonight. 

 The next morning house keeping brought up fresh towels for us and I was finally able to shower, but once again, the bathroom flooded and resembled a small lake. We came to the conclusion that they want their guests to bathe, not shower. Whatever this French experiment was, we didn't like it. It made for a funny story though, that we still crack up about till this day. 

On today's agenda: The Louvre

Trying to sit on this little pyramid for a picture was easy peasy, can't you tell?

This piece, The Wedding at Cana, depicts a story from the bible where Jesus and his disciples attended a Wedding celebration in Cana. During their feast, the wine begins to run out and it is in this moment that Jesus commands his disciples to fill jugs of water, and Jesus turns water into wine. This piece has a lot of interesting history behind it from being looted, to being cut in half, and to being torn in multiple places when it fell off the wall at the Louvre. Carefully repaired, it's still on display at the Louvre. 

This infamous piece named, Winged Victory of Samothrace, is known for being found in 1863 on the island of Samothrace. She stood on the prow of a ship an overlooked the island of Samothrace. Her stance represents the way she stood against the wind and her clothes are supposed to appear wet, as though they were blowing in the wind. Most don't know that this famous statue once had a head and arms. During an earthquake, the statue was damaged beyond repair. When the statue arrived at the Louvre, experts created a missing wing and breast to give her a more polished and finished look.

The ceiling of The Louvre. 

The Mona Lisa was painted between 1503 and 1506 by the Italian artist, Leonardo da Vinci. Some have speculated that the portrait is of Lisa Gherardini, the wife of Francesco del Giocondo. It's believed that Giocondo commissioned Leonardo da Vinci to paint the portrait of his wife. Over the years I've heard rumors that some think this portrait is of a cross dresser. Although no one knows the real truth, this mysterious piece has drawn curiosity for many centuries. 

The Louvre has an exhibit/showroom dedicated to antique statues. It's so incredibly amazing how detailed and surreal these statues look. I can't even draw a realistic portrait on paper, yet someone's over here carving perfect statues out of slabs of marble. It's mind blowing to see such incredible work stand before your very eyes. 

Artwork coming in and becoming restored before being displayed at the Louvre. 

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  1. That's so crazy that there was no shower curtain in your shower! I don't think that I would've been able to function without a shower! Your trip to the Louvre looks absolutely amazing! I can't imagine actually being able to see some of those famous paintings in person!


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