Day One: Paris Recap

Summer of 2010, I took the trip of my dreams. At the time, I didn't have a blog to recap the trip of a lifetime, so join me today and this week as I go back and reflect on my fondest memories of Paris. 

After weeks of anticipation, today was the day. 10 hours and two flights later, we had arrived in Paris, France. 

On day one of our vacation in Paris, we had a tour bus guide booked so we met up with our tour bus leader and boarded the bus. We spent most of the day riding the bus and stopping to check out popular tourist sites. It was so helpful having a Paris native to show us the ropes. First lesson he taught us, "The French are assholes, so if they're rude to you, be rude right back." Lol. 

We rode the tour bus around Paris, driving by the cities most historical buildings and monuments. 

Place Vendome is a must see while in Paris. It's a square that's home to the famous statue that commemorates the victory of Napoleon in Austerlitz. As the pole scrolls to the top, it depicts Napoleon's entire victory in pictures. Secondly, Place Vendome is also famous for being home to the one and only Coco Chanel, who lived in the Ritz Paris Hotel for 34 years until her death in 1971. Her infamous suite is still preserved till this day and can be rented out for $12,000/night. Thirdly, the rounded rectangular shape of the Place Vendome square was the inspiration behind Coco Chanel's infamous perfume bottle design. Today, Place Vendome is most well known for housing some of the largest jeweler retailers in the world. Point in case, visit Place Vendome if you ever find yourself in Paris. 

Next, we stopped at the Notre Dame Cathedral. The Cathedral was breath taking. The amount of time and hard work that went into the construction of this Cathedral was more evident with every step I took. Click here for more information on the history of the Notre Damn Cathedral. 

Look at all the details surrounding the doors that lead into the Cathedral. Amazing!!!

Unfortunately, you're not allowed to use flash photography inside the Cathedral, so I wasn't able to capture all the details, but it was beautiful! 

It's no wonder the Cathedral took 100 years to build and finish. The amount of details in the building are endless. And to think, this building was designed back in the 1100's. There's certainly something to be missed in our new modern day designs when you see a Cathedral as gorgeous as this one. Imagine all the man hours and work that went into making this church happen. Breathtaking!


The back of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

A park near the Notre Dame Cathedral where people go to read a book or eat lunch. 

The view of the Notre Dame Cathedral from the park. 

After seeing the Notre Dame Cathedral, we continued to explore Paris on foot. 

I wouldn't mind having a Paris loft that overlooked the river. How bout you?? Lol.

One thing I wish we would of had more time to try, were all the cafes and pastry shops located on every corner. 

From here, we met back up with the tour bus and continued on to our next destination. 

The buildings in Paris are unreal! Look how detailed this building is. 

Palais Garnier. Built by Charles Garner during the reign of Napoleon the third. Most famous opera house in the world. Well known for its debut of, "The Phantom of the Opera".

The balconies and red flowers on this building are beautiful! 

Another gorgeous building. I'm in love with Paris architecture. Can you tell? Saint German des Pres Quarter is known in for being one of the best neighborhoods in Paris to shop and eat. This area is where you could find historic writers such as Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Stein, enjoying their favorite cafes back in the 20th century. 

Even the lamp posts in Paris are beautiful. 

This fountain is one of two fountains that make up the Fountaines de la Concorde. The fountains were created to commemorate the industry of France and the navigation and commerce on the rivers of France. Interestingly enough, this square was formerly named Louis XV and these fountains were supposed to be monumental status of Louis, but because of a lack of water supply to the area at the time, the project never broke ground. During the French Revolution, the square was renamed Place de la Revolution and King Louis XVI along with thousands others, were beheaded right there in the square. Several fountain designs later, the square was redesigned and the Rome inspired fountains were installed and finished. What a crazy amount of history behind two beautiful bronze fountains. 

Next stop, The Palace of Versailles. 

Because every palace should have a gold gate and gold roof, lol. 

The Palace of Versailles originally began as Louis XIII's hunting lodge. After multiple Louis monarchs, the infamous Louis XVI took throne and married the infamous frivolous spender, Marie Antoinette. 

Once inside the gates of the palace, we explored around the grounds in the back of the palace. The main portion of the building you see in the picture above, is only one portion of the palace. The wing off to the left and the wing off to the right are also connected. It's ginormous!  

Have you ever seen the movie, Marie Antoinette? In the movie she has a little cabin that sits halfway down the lake in the picture above and off to the right. You could walk down and see it if you wanted too. 

King Louis XVI loved his gardens. He believed that his gardens should reflect his success and military victories. He preferred few flowers, but but a grand artistic aesthetic. To this day, the lawns and gardens are still maintained to King Louis's preferences. 

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  1. i loved the recap of day 1!! you are making me miss it!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this amazing trip! I was there for the first time this past September and loved it. Seeing your photos had all the memories come back. :)

  3. I still can't even fathom visiting somewhere that has so much history and so much beauty! That's crazy that you can still stay in the same room that Coco Chanel stayed in until she died, although that price is definitely steep! I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!

  4. Beautiful photos! I've been to Spain and England but not Paris, it's on the list!

  5. I love Paris! Your photos are beautiful! Looks like a great trip!

  6. What a good idea to recap a past vacation! I'm always sorry that I didn't have my blog to document various adventures in Europe. I love Paris! Studied abroad there in college and visited again with my husband in 2012. I'm impressed you managed to accomplish so much in one day! And it looks like you had perfect weather!

  7. I've never been to Paris, but I hope to get there one day. Notre Dame looks gorgeous, and French pastries sound like reason enough to go. I bet they are delicious.

  8. This is so amazing! I'm dying to get to Paris - it's like at the very top of my bucket list :) Your pictures are gorgeous. Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!

  9. This is so awesome! What a fantastic trip! I also went to Paris at the end of 2010 as part of a big European tour, and even though I had a blog at the time I never ended up posting about our trip. This has inspired me to write the posts and finally share the photos from our amazing adventure!

  10. Such an amazing trip! Paris is a beautiful city with so many amazing details! And lol at your tour guide telling you to just be rude right back to the French :-P
    Green Fashionista

  11. Paris has always been on my bucket list. It looked like such an awesome trip. Imagine living in a palace that size. Now I can't wait to visit!


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