Hiking Stone Mountain

"Hike the mountain, it'll be fun," she said. 

From a family fun park, to trails and camping, to hiking up the side of a mountain, Stone Mountain is fun for all ages. While visiting my family over the weekend, my sister suggested we go hike Stone Mountain. The entire way up was nothing but steep inclines. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. I consider myself to be a fit person, but this mountain was serving me up a slice of mac-daddy cardio. About 15 minutes into our hike, I convinced my sister to stop for a water break. I'm pretty sure that if I was to measure my heart rate, it would of been 180+. 

After stopping for a water break, we continued hiking up the mountain just a little further and reached the halfway point. As the tree line opened up, you could see the Atlanta skyline in the distance. How cool, right?! 


After we stopped to take a few pictures with the skyline, I turned around and saw this. Oh my goodness. And yes, it's as steep as it looks. Lol, there was even a rail in the side of the mountain to help you hike this steep slope. 

My panorama from the halfway point.  

I kept stopping to snap pictures here and there. I was secretly trying to slow my sister down so I could catch my breath for 5 seconds. After all my huffing and puffing, we finally reached top of Stone Mountain.Yay! 

All huffing and puffing jokes aside though, hiking to the top was rewarding and beautiful! Isn't nature amazing? Views like this take my breath away ( literally AND physically, haha).

Have you been hiking lately? 


  1. What a unique hike, and a stunning view!

  2. Don't you feel so amazing when you finally make it to the top?!?! I have hiked up it just once, but my friend and I used to go to Stone Mountain many weekends when we were in college and run around the base of the mountain. Fun fact: I got engaged at Stone Mountain!

  3. These pictures are amazing!! Hard hikes are always so worth it when you get to the top - can't beat the views!


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