December To-Do List
Thanks to Chelsea's, December To-do List, post at "The girl who loved to write", I decided to also make a personal list of to-do's for December. Lets see how many I/we do.

Decorate for Christmas!
We put up our mini tree, Zac decorated it, and I pulled out the Christmas crate of decorations. My place is now decorated in nutcrackers, snowman, and santa clauses.
Make some Christmas music stations. 
My family sends out Chrsitmas CD's in their Christmas cards every year. Easy peasy!
Buy or make someone a gift in secret. 
We're doing secret santa at work this month.
Decorate gingerbread houses.
Go on a Christmas light scavenger hunt.
Hmm...I'll have to start looking.
Have a classic Christmas movie night.
The Grinch and Christmas Vacation are a must in our house!
Kiss someone under mistletoe. 
Make Christmas cookies. 
Do a 12 days of Christmas for someone.
Look into Christmas festivities in your town.
Send Christmas cards. 
Plan a Christmas dinner.
Make cookies for Santa.
We do doughnuts and milk (yummy!)
Take way too many no-pressure pictures.
No problem! I do this one every month lol.
Go on a Christmas date. 
Exchange a gift on Christmas Eve.
Return/exchange any gifts.
Bundle up and have a late night picnic under the stars.
With hot cocoa!
Write a letter to 2015.


  1. So fun! I am stealing some of these ideas to do this month!

  2. We love making a Christmas to do list (I call it the Christmas Cheer list hohoho) and we have successfully crossed off every item except one, so Im feeling very festive indeed :D Merry early Christmas!


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