Best Gingerbread House EVER!

When we were out shopping on Black Friday, we found these super cute gingerbread houses with the good candy. The kits had bottle-caps, sweet-tarts, runts, and nerds. Only my boyfriends gingerbread house would turn out like the picture on the box, if not better. He excels at everything he tries, even his first ever gingerbread house. 

No one really seemed fired up about making gingerbread houses so to spark everyone's interest, I made the tradition a competition. My two sisters, my boyfriend, and I competed to make the best looking gingerbread house. I thought I had this one in the bag. I was so excited to see my finished product. Well......I had to call in an emergency gingerbread contractor to help me save my gingerbread house as it fell apart and caved it. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I looked over at my boyfriend's and sister's houses to see perfection in the making, and I'm over here still struggling just to get my house to stand. According to my gingerbread house contractor (aka my dad), I used the short wall on the long wall side and vice versa. I-yi-yi. 

Long story short, the second house in the picture above from left to right was my sorry excuse of a gingerbread house lol. My plan was to paint the house in icing and stick all my candy on the walls, but I ran out of icing. My sisters house was #1, my house was #2, my boyfriends house was #3, and my other sisters house was #4. 

My parents determined the final winner was.............ZAC!


He did such a great job. I was so impressed. Certified gingerbread house builder over here y'all! 

How did your gingerbread houses turn out this year?

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