Another Christmas for the Books

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! We were very thankful to be granted a week off from work so that we could make the 18 hour drive to Wichita, KS to spend Christmas with my boyfriends family. His grandma is like a second mom to him and unfortunately she was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer earlier this year. We weren't sure if she would make it to see another Christmas, but we're so thankful and happy that she did. Although we can all see that her disease is progressing, they're keeping her comfortable and her pain under control, so we're very thankful she was able to celebrate her last Christmas, pain free. 

Everyone arrived around 10am for their annual family breakfast. We had creamy eggs and biscuits (a first for me, very delicious!), biscuits and gravy, breakfast taco ring, and bacon. Grandma gave a tearful grace and blessed our food before we ate. I think with the entire family gathered before her, it was hitting her that this would be our last Christmas together. Breaks my heart. It's so hard to see someone so strong mentally, see their body failing them right before your very eyes. I know she has so much fight left in her, if only there was a cure or further treatment for her disease.


After breakfast, we gathered around the tree in the living room to open gifts. Zac's mom was so thoughtful and bought me a stocking to join the rest of the family's. 

His mom is so crafty and creative. She put together all these gifts for us that were homemade and full of sweets and goodies. Inside our stockings we got pistachios, stocks, white chocolate pretzel sticks, and lotion. In addition to our Christmas sleighs and mason jars, we also got a basket full of home made goodies such as homemade blueberry syrup, homemade habernaro jelly, homemade vanilla vodka, sugar cookies, snicker doodles, and lots of other baked goodies. 

In addition to these, she made the other family members jars with Sprite and Rum, Crown and Coke,  and Jack Daniels and coke. I was so impressed with all her unique gifts, how cute! 

Check out all the snapchats ornaments I collected on Instagram of our 18 hour road trip  from Kansas back to Georgia.

What did you get for Christmas?


  1. I recently lost my grandfather to cancer this year, and seeing a loved one literally going right before your eyes is very hard. We decided to go to Thanksgiving with my side of the family in 2014 because we thought that it might be my grandmother's last Thanksgiving, and I'm so glad that we had that last Thanksgiving together with most of our family.
    It's so wonderful that you got to spend so much family time together, and I know that your boyfriend and his family will truly treasure this last Christmas together. That's so awesome that you officially have your own stocking, and I love that your boyfriend's mom was so crafty with all of the gifts!

  2. These are great gifts! I love the sleigh and the mason jar for irish coffee.

    I'm incredibly sorry to hear about your boyfriend's grandma. I'm really glad she made another year, but I'm so sorry to hear that it's terminal. I'm glad she was able to spend time with all of you.

    liz @ sundays with sophie


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