2015 Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist

These are the things I want most from my 2015 Christmas List. Thursday evening, after a very fulfilling day of turkey, sides, and dessert, we gathered up the family and headed towards the mall. We stopped along the way at Michaels so I could purchase the Silhouette machine I'd been watching for months! I was so excited when I got there, because I got the very LAST one. The machine is normally $299.99 full price, so I thought $229.99 was a steal. In addition to the Silhouette machine, I was able to cross "Black Nikes" off my wishlist. They were $20 off on Black Friday, so I was able to get the new pair of tennis shoes that I desperately needed, and broke them in by wearing them around the mall while we shopped.

Eau So Fresh by Marc Jabos has been on my wishlist for the longest time, but I can't bring myself to spend $100 on perfume. They were doing a bundle deal on Black Friday at Macy's. If you purchased the gift set, you got the perfume, the lotion, and a mini perfume roll stick for $102. I passed on the deal. Maybe the boyfriend will surprise me for Christmas.

Silver Fossil Watch. I have a black watch that I love so much, but I've been looking at silver one for the last couple years. Watches are like shoes in the sense that a girl needs a options, am I right?

Kat Von D eyeliner is something I put on my list year round. It's a great stocking stuffer idea and gift idea for any occasion. I'm usually never running low on supply becasue my family usually sends me some for my birthday, and then on Christmas, however this year I'm finally down to my last one!

On Black Friday I went into Sephora and tried the Make Up For Ever foundation that I keep hearing great things about. I went in with no make-up on, specifically to try the foundation and see how I liked it. I also tried on Kat Von D's navy blue eyeline. The brush isn't the same as her "trooper" eyeliner brush. It felt like the cheap liquid eyeliner brushes I had bought at Walgreens in the past.Although I wasn't a fan of the bursh, I really liked the navy blue color. It took a little bit of patience and a couple layers of eyeliner to achieve it, but it turned out nice. It's one of those colors you don't see everyday. (It comes off a lot easier than her trooper liquid eyeliner).

Starbucks giftcards are also one of those things you can never have too many of. My boyfriend texted me last week saying, "Check your email." When I looked at my email, I saw he had sent me a $20 Starbucks giftcard (#bestboyfriendever). Surprises like those will never get old. He knows what I like ;)

Vests are a must have this season. I was able to cross "black vest" off my list as of Black Friday. I found an adorable black and white striped vest one at a boutique. It's thin and leightweight, and exactly what I've been searching for. Although it wasn't on sale, I purchased it anyways because it's not everyday I find exactly what I'm looking for.

New Macbook Laptop! The struggle is real y'all! My laptop is not big enough to run the kind of design programs I like to use, and it's a constant battle to get it to run those programs or load anything. I'm always deleting things off the hardrive, trying to keep what I have on there at a minimum. I've reached that level of frustration where I don't even want to use it anymore because it runs like a turtle. I waste so much time just sitting there...It's beyond frustrating. But that's about to end because I have the best. parents. ever. As we were wrapping up our Black Friday shopping, we decided to stop in at the Apple store and check out the new Ipad pro, which by the way, is amazing. The design apps allow you to use the Apple pencil to sketch out anything. It's like drawing with a pencil on paper. I sat there sketching and drawing on the Ipad for about 45 minutes, just playing with it to see how well it worked. It's not 100% perfect, but it's pretty darn close. The Ipad Pro is sensitive to the weight of your hand sitting on the screen of the tablet, so it doesn't affect your sketching/drawing/writing like it had on past tablets.

My mom was talking to an Apple specialist when she calls me over to explain to him the issues I'm having with my laptop. He advises I need a custom laptop or a Mac desktop for quality performance. Ugh, not what I wanted to hear, but it's what I had expected. I already had it in the back of my mind that I needed to start saving up for a new laptop. Well, that was until my parents told me to customize the kind of laptop I wished to have, right there on the spot and they'd purchase it for me. Whattttt?!? I wanted to cry tears of joy and relief. Hallelujah, no more turtle!!! I'm so so so thankful and grateful for this surprise. I can't say it enough. Thanks again, Mom and Dad!! Love you both so so much. I'm so excited!

 What's on your 2015 Christmas wishlist this year? Did you find anything good on Black Friday?

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