Watching the World Forever Change

This semester I've been taking environmental biology and I can't even begin to describe to you, all that I've learned and all that my attention's been brought too. It's been an amazing eye opener, learning about global problems that our changing our world as we know it. I've been left shocked and amazed, but also terrified and fearful of what's to come. I sat in my lecture class this morning, trying to follow along, but having no idea how to rationalize the topics on which he was lecturing on. From air pollution, to climate change, to global warming, he talked about the detrimental effects being experienced globally. After watching this video, everything he was saying suddenly made sense. To watch it be put in perspective on a global scale, left me speechless.

 Blue represents cold temperatures, and yellow and orange represent warm and hot temperatures. Watch what global warming looks like over 135 years.

Shocked? Amazed? Scared?
In 10 years, we've witnessed 8 out of those 10 years be historical years for record setting high temperatures. From 95 degrees, to 96 degrees, to 97 degrees, to 98 degrees, to 99 degrees, to 100 degrees, to 101 degrees, to 102 degrees, we're seeing a consistent rise in temperatures. So when you think to yourself, "Man, it feels even hotter this summer, than it was last year", there's proof to back it up that global warming is the result of temperatures increasing world-wide. 

Blistering hot temperatures isn't the only downside to global warming. Watch this second video of what warmer temperatures is doing to ice glaciers in the coldest parts of the world. 

See the part where it shows that more ice has broken off and melted in the the last 10 years, than it had in the previous time frame of 100 years. That means our generation has increased the rate of deterioration of the ice shelf by 100%. 

People think, "Oh it's just melting ice, it won't affect us." Wrong. Because such significant amounts of ice are continuing to break off and melt, sea levels are rising unbelievable quickly, and we're already seeing those effects beginning to take place. As it stands now, global warming has raised sea levels 8 inches since 1880. It's predicted that in this century alone, we'll see an increase of 2-7 FEET of sea level rise. Here's a website that has done all the math of what the U.S is going to look like, step by step, as we continue to experience rising sea levels. You can search your specific area, so out of curiosity, I looked up my area. 

Above is at 1 foot of sea level rise. Below is at 10 feet of sea level rise. By the time the glaciers completely melt, beloved places like Tybee Island and Hilton Head Island will be underwater, not to mention all the surrounding cities as well. People will be forced to move and relocate. 

How terrifying is it to know that your own area will be directly affected and forever changed? Knowledge is power. We may not be able to reverse what damage has already been done, but we can sure keep working together to do our parts as individuals and continue to spread awareness.

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