Saturday in Athens

Woo-hoo, three day weekend for Kaitlyn this past weekend. Late post, it's been a hectic week at work and school. 

After my 12' o clock class on Friday, I headed home, packed up the car, packed up the dog, woke up the BF ( he sleeps days, works nights). Within the hour, we were on the road and heading towards Atlanta.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early at 6am to get the vehicle all packed up for the UGA game. Zac and I woke up at 5:30am, since we always seem to be the last two running around trying to get ready. I go downstairs, expecting everyone to be awake, and NO-ONE is awake lol, what are the odds? But hey, it felt good being ready to roll out while everyone else ran around trying to get ready. Why were we getting up so early for a football game you might ask? #Tailgaters. 

The rain was horrible this past weekend. All weekend long, it just poured and poured. On our way to Athens, we came across three cars that had hydroplaned into ditches. Out of the three cars, two ended up in in the ditches and one ended up in the tree line of the woods. So scary! Remember people, roads are most dangerous within the first 15 minutes of rain downfall because of the oils that rise that make them slick. Thank goodness everyone appeared to be okay, as we drove by and watched wreckers trying to pull the cars out. 

Once we arrived in Athens and got all set up, almost all of us ended up passing out and napping for about an hour. I guess the early start to the morning caught up with us, in addition to the overcast rainy weather. 

The weather cleared up just in time for the game. We brought ponchos, just incase the clouds tried to roll in for a sneak attack. The forecast had predicted rain all day, so we lucked out when the clouds on the radar ended up going around us. 

With Veteran's Day coming up, they opened the game with Air Force Jets flying over. They were SOO loud. Holy cow. I sent Zac down to go grab some of the black pom poms they were passing out for the todays black out game, and when he got back, we were both like, "What did you say, I can't hear?!". I like waving my pom pom around when we get touchdowns. When we went to the away Tennessee vs. Georgia game, Zac yanked my pom pom out of my hand and goes, "OMG enough! You keep smacking me in the face with it every time you get excited and start cheering!". I laughed, "Well, that is what they're for honey buns!". So this game, I did it for kicks and giggles to see how long he would put up with it. I look over at him and said, "Am I doing better today??! I haven't hit you once!". He starts laughing and takes it away from me and starts waving it all around in my face. I said, "There we go! There's your spirit!" (Like, move over if you don't like my pom poms smacking you in the face, lol jk).

This is how pictures turn out when your boyfriend cooperates on the first shot. Anyone else have a hard time getting your man to cooperate for a picture? So what if I say, "Just one more", six times. I like my pictures and you know that. They say "fine then", like they don't care, yet when we reminiscence a year from now and look back at old pictures, they wonder why they weren't in any of them. Hmm…I wonder. Now say cheese! (And that's when I got the bottom right picture, lol)

Dawgs won the game 27-3. 

After the game, we checked out a local antique showroom. It's all based around 60's/70's themed antiques. It was neat to feel like you stepped into someones living room from 40 years ago. Zac and I were fond of this aqua blue, not so comfy, sofa. It was long, but would of been perfect in my narrow apartment. The $1700 price tag was a little much, for a not so comfy piece of furniture, but like fashion, it's not always about comfort as much as it is feng shui (had to look up the proper spelling of that word). 

The 60's and 70's were all about that not so pretty, mustard yellow color and tint. In the back of the store, I found some candles. Leave it up to me to find another purpose for them…

And leave it to my mom to keep telling me to hold that pose so she could take a picture. We were dying laughing. Our inner child-like selves were coming out in that moment. Mom's walking around the stores yelling, "Oh holy balls, Kaitlyn". Yes, we're a riot when we're together. 

Another weekend for the scrapbooks. 

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