Family Fun Weekend

I'm officially on Thanksgiving break from school. Friday morning I had class, then I had to work second shift that afternoon. After I got off work, we got on the road around midnight and headed to Atlanta. About an hour into our drive to Atlanta, lead foot in the driver seat (aka Zac) hit a speed trap and tripped those pretty blue lights that like to chase after you. Zac ended up getting his first Georgia speeding ticket! (*Que round of applause*) We googled what kind of fines to expect for a speeding ticket doing 20 over on a highway and someone who had also gotten pulled over in the same area, doing the same exact speed, said their fine was $375!!! We'll have to wait a couple weeks to find out what the fine is, but we're crossing our fingers it's not going to be that expensive! Trying to lighten the mood I told Zac, "Well, there goes my Christmas present money this year" lol.

We made it to Atlanta around 4:00am and snuck in a nap before it was time to get up.
We got up around 9am, packed the RV, and headed to Athens to tailgate for the Georgia vs. Georgia Southern game.

The game wasn't until 7:00pm so we spent the day cooking out and tailgating. We watched game after game, and watched three of those football games end in overtime. 

Typically you'll find me sporting UGA gear, but this weekend I had to represent my school and my eagles. I said, "I have the heart of a bulldog, but the brains of an eagle". When I walked outside wearing my eagle gear, everyone yelled "Boo". Lol, gotta love a little football rivalry amongst the family.

By the time the football game started, we were all feeling pretty tired. I was searching for coffee at the game so I could stop yawning, but no luck. I was wrapped in three layers, between my two jackets and a blanket and I was still cold. I kept sticking my hands in Zac's hoodie pocket, so he could warm up my hands. Berrrrr. I think winter is officially here. (Only when it's cold enough for me to wear multiple jackets, do I finally consider it winter lol). 

The game ended up being a pretty exciting one. People were thinking this was going to be a blow out game and that Georgia would blow Georgia Southern out of the waters, but quite the opposite happened. All game we kept tying up. 

We ended fourth quarter tied, 17-17. UGA won the coin toss and decided to let southern have the ball. They blocked Southern's attempt to run the ball each down and UGA got the ball back. UGA tried to run the ball in the first down and Southern blocked them. UGA ran the ball again on second down and broke through Southern's line of defense, scoring the winning touchdown. Georgia wins in overtime!

I support both teams, so either way, I won! :)   


Here's a video of Georgia getting the ball back in overtime. 


This is Georgia winning, can you tell? Lol

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