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I'd mentioned the Colts vs. Falcons game to my boyfriend a couple of times over the past few months and asked if he'd be interested in going. I texted my family and asked them if they'd be interested in going also. Everyone said maybe, and it wasn't until a couple weekends ago that I was reminded of the upcoming game. Again, I texted my family and asked if they were wanting to go because I wanted to purchase our tickets in a group if so, but no one responded. I texted my boyfriend to tell him that no one was responding to me, and that I was going to go ahead and purchase our tickets. He responds, "NO, DONT!"


Your family and I were trying to wait and surprise you, but we got you tickets to the game. Everyone's going!" Aweeee, aren't they the best?! It's a good thing he called and said something, because I was about ready to buy my own damn tickets with, or without the family lol. 

On Sunday we woke up bright and early and boarded the RV to head to the city to tailgate for the game. We all ended up napping for a bit once we got there. Everyone was still exhausted from yesterday's afternoon of tailgating and night of football. Once we woke up and changed into our NFL gear, we played some rounds of corn-hole. My dad beat everyone 5 rounds in a row and maintained his undefeated title. 


Around 12:00pm, we walked towards the stadium and waited in the long cold lines to get through the security checkpoint. Security was being extra cautious and tedious, since news had broke about possible ISIS threats to Atlanta and the WWE event taking place that evening. As we reached the front of the line, mom was trying to be goofy and make faces at my sisters standing on the other side of the glass doors. As she went to turn around to walk inside, the security guard swung around with her arms wide open at the same time, and popped my mom right in her nose. Nothing makes you shed tears like a fist to your nose. If you've ever been hit in the hose, head butted in the nose, or have taken any kind of direct hits to the nose, you know how excruciating that pain can be. I felt so bad for her. Thank goodness she didn't break her nose. (I thought it looked crooked there for a second).

I was so excited to find out our tickets were in a suite, located in the middle level of the arena. When you have suite tickets, you have access to a fully stocked room full of all kinds of goodies. They had popcorn, chips, wings, chicken nuggets, steak, salad, and little finger foods. The fridge in the suite is stocked with unlimited beers like miller lite and coors lite (yuck!). During halftime they brought by a dessert bar. Oh yeahhh!! There were so many choices like pumpkin pie, nutter butter pie, turtle bars, cheesecake, red velvet cake, and much more! I got sucked into the game so I forgot to take pictures of the suite, but it was sweeet!

My Colts ended up doing a great job, with all things considered. They were playing with their second string QB, since Luck is out injured for the next few weeks due to a kidney injury. The Colts who were 4-5 going into this game against the Falcons who were 5-4, ended up pulling out a win in the bottom of the fourth quarter. With two minutes left, they scored a field goal, bringing the score to 24-21. The clock ran out before the Falcons could come back and score.

After a weekend of watching multiple college football games end in overtime, and watching the UGA vs. GA Southern game end in overtime the night before, we thought we were about to watch this game also end in overtime. What a wild weekend in the world of football.

We all left stuffed like turkeys, as I left with a win and my family left with a big L for losers! Lol, mom had hit the wine bar a little too hard so she didn't even care. We're walking back to the parking lot and she comes up between my aunt and I, puts her arms around our necks, and just starts hanging from our shoulders. I'm like, "MOM! Omg..." My sister got in front of us and picked my moms legs up from off the ground, and we're sitting there carrying my mom. I was dying laughing. We had to set her back down on the ground to walk or they were going to be carrying me next.

My mom was supposed to be driving my aunt to the airport after the game, but intoxicated mom needed to sleep it off, so Kaitlyn drove her to the airport instead. After dropping her off, my aunt texted me and told me her hand had set off the security alarms so they took her to a back room and did an extensive search. She said, "I think they're just mad the Colts beat the Falcons" haha. She arrived back home in Indianapolis safely. 

The next morning, Zac and I packed up and headed home so I could make it back in time to go to work that afternoon. 

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