UGA vs. Knoxville

We decided to make the road trip to Knoxville, TN this weekend to support our dawgs. We got in early Saturday morning and cat napped for a few hours. We played some corn hole, football, and grubbed out on some burgers before we caught the bus to the stadium. The streets were flooded with Tennessee orange. I laughed and joked around about how I'm glad we have colors that go well with my skin tone, because orange is not one of those. 

As we were trying to find our seats, we kept climbing higher and higher and higher, until we were at the very top row of the stadium. Phew....we turned around to look at how high up we were, and we all went, whoa! Instantly, my gut turned and I took a deep breath. Once we got over the heights, we looked out over the top of the rails to admire how beautiful the view was! 

We ended up losing our star athlete, Nick Chubb, on the very first play! The rest of the game was so close. We were cheering one second, biting our nails the next. Each team kept getting touchdowns right after the other, all the way down to the 4th quarter with two minutes left. 

The score was 38-31 and Georgia had more than enough opportunities to turn it around and take home the win, but play after play, we either dropped the ball or missed the mark. Unfortunately, Tennessee intercepted the ball with less than 10 seconds on the clock and sent us home with another loss, following our loss to Alabama last week. We're now 4-2. 

It's definitely not fun to be the losers at someone else's stadium. Lol, all those Tennessee fans had jokes for days, as we walked back towards the buses. As we were walking down the sidewalk, a Tennessee fan is high fiving other Tennessee fans and as we walk by, acts like he's going to give us a high five and goes, "sike, go VOLS!". Zac looks at him and goes, "4 and 2". The guy yells, "shut the f*** up" to Zac. We just laughed and kept walking. The guy behind us goes, "Don't worry guys, we know the feeling". Tennessee's had a pretty crappy season, so the fact that they beat us was just plain crazy and unexpected. It really makes UGA's running in the SEC this year questionable at this point. 

We had a fun time taking pictures with the backdrop of downtown Knoxville behind us. 

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