T-Minus 1 Day Till The Big Move

Let me start by saying please take a second to hug and kiss your love ones just one more time, as we never know how much time we have left in this world. I was saddened to hear the news that my friend's husband lost his battle to brain cancer this week, just two weeks after their wedding. I'm happy he made it to their special day, for she'll always treasure their special day together and the memories they made, but so deeply saddened for her loss because they were such an inspirational couple. I aspire to have the kind of love and admiration they had for each other in my own relationship. I can't even begin to imagine how empty and broken she feels at this very moment, but all I can do is selfishly thank the lord for letting me see another day, so that I don't have to experience the very pain she's going through at this moment. These kind of losses are the worst. There's nothing any of us can do to make it better. Her world as she knows it is forever changed, and the only thing that will heal her broken heart is time. May God bless her and continue to look down on her and give her the strength she needs to continue on. My heart just hurts for her. She's in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Rest in peace sweet man.

So tomorrow's the big day I've been waiting for, it's finally here. It's packing day and U-haul time. I've had weeks to process that my life as I know it here in Kansas is coming to an end. This week has been bittersweet. I've been processing all kinds of emotions, happiness, excitement, stress, fear, anxiousness, and sadness. Change is scary, change is hard. 2015 has been a year of change. I never foresaw my year going this way. So much has changed in such a short amount of time. It's hard to process mentally and emotionally.

When I first moved to Kansas two years ago, I was in shock. It was so different than what I was used too. I didn't know how to adjust to life in the midwest. Moving from Savannah, GA to Wichita, KS was not an easy transition, but it was quite the experience. My first impression was, I hated it here. With no friends or family remotely closeby, I was all alone. Fast forward two years later, I'm sad to close this chapter of my life. Although my life here wasn't amazing, it's the life I grew to know. I made friends I'll never forget, and memories I'll treasure for a lifetime. Most importantly, I've learned a lot of important life lessons along the way that I'll never forget. These past two years have really shaped who I am as a person today. They say when you go through the highs and lows in life, you find out who your real friends are. Not only friends, but it showed me the true colors of my family too.

I'll leave Kansas being stronger, braver, more courageous, and more confident than I've ever been. I've learned what it's like to be torn down, and I know what it's like to build myself back up. I have no-one else to thank but me. It's been a long journey to get to this point in my life and I don't ever want to forget where I've been and what I've learned. I've learned I'm in control of my life and what happens. I decide who comes and goes, and I decided where my life ends and begins again. As I close this chapter of my life, I'm sad to leave behind the things that have taught me the most thus far, but I'm both excited and nervous to see where the future leads. At the end of all this, I found a man who's amazing and has become my best-friend. He's been there for me in ways only one other person has been, my amazing aunt. She's been my rock and confidant these past few months and no matter how unsupportive she was of my decisions in life, she never stopped loving me or checking in on me. I love her for that and for so much more.

In one day, I start my new journey. Let God look over us and ensure we make a safe journey to ATL in one piece.

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