Mr. and Mrs. Esterline

My best-friend's sister got married over the weekend, so I left early and drove home Friday afternoon, only to get stuck in an hour of stand still traffic. There was a wreck a couple miles up ahead, so everyone was using the shoulder of the highway to get off on the nearest exit and go around.

It blows my mind how rude people can be, when we're all stuck in traffic and trying to go around. People are so stingy and don't want to let you over, or people are cutting each other off, just to get a car ahead. We've all got somewhere to be, but we're not going to get there with y'all acting crazy. We don't need a second accident holding traffic up. My boyfriend's in the passenger seat giving me "lessons" on how to be a stern driver and not let people cut me off. I'm the one who will stop and let people over to avoid any accidents. He's the one who's going to stay glued to the person's bumper in front of us, and not let any cars over, and yell "Ha, shouldn't of tried to cut the entire line of cars that have been waiting to go. That's what you get!". What normally is a 3-hour drive, turned into a five hour drive, but we finally made it home to my parent's house, just in time for my boyfriend to get on the road again with my dad. They were heading to Talladega for the NASCAR race.

Saturday morning I got up and met the bridal party at the hair salon to take pictures of them getting ready. After the salon, they headed home to gather up their things and head to the venue. Afterwards, I went back to my parent's house, picked up my aunt who visiting for the weekend, and we went to the nail salon to get our nails done. Correction, I got my nails done, and she sat next to me, and we talked and caught up with each other. After I dropped my aunt off back at the house, I left for the venue to go take more bridal party pictures. My sister, who's taking a photography class this semester, tagged along for experience. After the bride and her bridesmaid got their before pictures, everyone slipped into their bridesmaid dresses and the bride into her wedding dress. The girls went on to have professional pictures taken by the venue's photographer, and again, I ran home to change and get dressed so that I could now enjoy the wedding as a friend!

When I had originally offered up my photography services for free, so I could add a wedding to my portfolio, I didn't realize I'd signed myself up for a full day of back n forth and lots of pictures. I was thinking a couple hours tops, but everything and everyone turned out beautiful and the pictures turned out great.

Would you believe me if I told you this bride threw her wedding together in less than 3 months??? I was so impressed with what she did in that short amount of time. It was a simple wedding on a golf course, followed by an indoor reception with a snack and dinner buffet bar, followed by cake, a live DJ, and lots of dancing. For their send off, everyone grabbed a glow stick and created an arch for them to run under. It was fun and well put together. Congratulations to the Mr. and Mrs. Xoxo

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