I've been searching for something like a picture or a frame to fill up an empty space on one of my bedroom walls. While searching for inspiration today at Hobby lobby, I decided to buy a chalk board to write one of my favorite quotes on. That set the tone for my theme. Afterwards, I went to Walgreens and printed out 85 images, using my coupon at checkout, so my prints were only $.20/each. I used twine and white mini wood clips to hang my pictures on my wall. All in all, I'm glad with how it turned out! 

Chalkboard was $7.99
Chalk Marker was $3.50
Mini clips were $1.99 for a pack of 24
Twine was $2.99 for 30ft. 
85 prints from Walgreens (w/coupon) $15 
Roughly $35 for this DIY

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