Camping World 500

After my long saturday of being photographer/wedding attendee to my best-friend's sister wedding, I went home, laid down on the couch, and passed out. 

Sunday morning, I got up bright and early at 6am and left for Talladega, AL, so I could meet up with my dad and boyfriend for the Camping World 500 NASCAR race. After stopping at Dunkin Doughnuts for an extra large coffee, I made the two and a half hour drive to Talladega, AL and arrived at the speedway.

My dad and his brother got two tickets to sit up in the box seats, and my boyfriend and I got grand stand tickets just outside turn 4. This was Zac's first race, so I was excited to give him the full experience, pit passes and everything. When we got down on pit road, we walked up and down each drivers pit area, taking pictures with different cars. This season is going to be a historical racing seasons, since this is Jeff Gordon's last season. He's set to retire at the end of the season.

Zac, not knowing much about the racers, decided to randomly pick a driver to root for, #2 Brad Keselowski. He choose a good pick. Keselowski is still in the running for the Chase cup and stayed up front with the top five for most of the duration of this race. 

Before the race began, our passes let us into the driver introduction area, so we got to watch all the drivers get introduced one by one. They came out and waved to the crowd, then walked over to their cars on pit road. When the introduction ceremony ended, we raced to get to our seats in the grand stands. 

The race began and I watched my man, Jimmie Johnson, work his way up to the top three, as Gordon, Earnheardt Jr., and Johnson took the lead. For most of the race, Earnheardt Jr. led the way. 

In an unfortunate event, Earnheardt Jr. went to pit on pit road and his crew jumped the wall too soon, so he was penalized a lap, and forced to go to the back of the pack. In a later miraculous event, just as Earnheardt Jr. was about to go two laps down, another driver blew an engine and caused the caution to come out, granting Earnheardt Jr.'s penalty to be overridden, and allowing him to join the rest of the drivers on the lead lap. I say miraculous, because this is the first race I've been to where there were no wrecks or caution flags for at least a good 120+ laps. When the first caution flag finally did come out, it was because of the drivers blown engine, and second caution followed because of debris on the racetrack. Although there was only one group wreck there towards the end in the final laps, the race ended up being finished on a yellow caution flag, and the winner was determined based on what car was in the lead at the time the drivers crossed the final lap line. What a crappy ending to a great race!

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