TIME, How much do we get?

We never know how little or how much time we'll get in this life. One of my residents said this to me this week, "You know if I could tell you young kids one thing, it would be to live your life. When I was your age, I don't think I was living. I mean I had a good time, but it's not until you get to this point in life that you look back and wish you really would of made the most out of time and really lived in the moment". I see my residents process thoughts like these all the time. Because of this, I've learned the greatest lesson of all. We never know how much time we have in this life, so we truly do have to make the most of it and take advantage of every moment.

On Friday, Zac had planned to come to my place for the evening, but instead, I had a surprise planned for him. I drove to his place, let myself in, and decorated his walls with paper hearts. On each heart, I wrote down something I liked about him. I placed the hearts on the wall going up the stairs so that he would have to continue going up a step to read each heart. At the top of the steps, I taped a little letter reminding him how thankful and appreciative I am of him. At the end of the note, I left instructions for him to be showered, dressed, and ready to leave by 6pm because I had planned a secret date night.

I picked him up and headed to our destination. He asked where we were going, but I told him he had to wait and see. Right about that time, Google maps pipes in, "You should arrive at The Crab Shack in 20 minutes". Well played lol, thanks Google! 

We had been talking about wanting to eat seafood for weeks now so that's why I chose seafood for dinner. The Crab Shack had this interesting outdoor setting. When you walk up, the front of the restaurant has two large ponds in the front that hold several alligators. You have to walk past the ponds to get to the hostess stand. They offered outdoor patio seating or screened in porch seating. We sat outside and enjoyed the nice warm evening. The patio was covered by lots of large trees. Hanging from the trees were these cute unique wooden bucket type light fixtures. 

We ordered the "King Alaskan Crab Plate" and got down on some delicious well seasoned crab. Seriously, so good! We wanted more, but seafoods not cheap. We started getting rained on, but the large tree branches blocked out most of it. 

After dinner, we headed downtown to Savannah's 2nd annual bacon fest. We walked down Riverstreet and checked out the local vendors with tents set up. One thing I love about Savannah is all the local artwork they have to offer. Everything's unique and one of a kind. 

Next, the candy shop across the street caught our eye. We walked in and they were offering up free samples, straight out of the oven. The fact that the candy was warm, fresh, and straight out of the oven, made the salty pecan carmel treat melt in my mouth. It was amazing. I wanted to run back and grab a second sample but I told myself to be good. 

We walked next door to Wet Willies and got a drink. Zac ordered a strawberry daquari slush and I ordered their house margarita slush. After 1/4th of the way into my drink, I noticed Zac's cup was empty, so I gave him the rest of mine. Someone had to drive home and those little slushies are a lot stronger than they look. By the time we were getting ready to leave, I noticed he was feeling gooood.

My favorite part about watching people get tipsy, is watching them try to pretend they're completely fine and sober. We started walking back to the parking garage and heard a guy playing his flute. We stopped in the park and sat on a bench to listen to the music. I look over, and Zac's tongue is fishing for the straw floating around in his cup. I start laughing and ask, "How ya feeling??". "I feel completely fine. I'm not even buzzed yet", he says. "Haha, ya whatever", I laugh as I sit there watching him still fishing for his straw. 

After the music ended, we walked to the car and headed home. Successful date night I'd say! 

When's the last time you planned a secret date night for your loved one? Share your story. 

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