Beach Weekend

"Everyone should believe in something. I believe we should we got to the beach." 

Yay for weekend spontaneity! Zac and I decided to go to Hilton Head for the weekend. Even though Savannah has Tybee, Hilton Head offers more of a vacation type feel and there's more fun activities offered there. After debating what we would do with the dogs, I checked out a couple local overnight shelters and also found a website called Dog Vacay, that lists local dog sitters in your area. We decided just to take them with us and save that money for other things. We got a room at the Quality Inn, which was just a 5-minute bike ride to the beach, where we parked our bikes right on the boardwalk. 


It was pretty neat how each resort offered bike rentals. That's how a lot of people get around in the area we were in. Bike rentals were $30 for two people for 24-hours. We had so much fun!

By our hotel was a pond with a sign reading, "Caution, live alligator may live here". Zac has been obsessed with the idea of seeing a live alligator since he started his new job in Georgia and the lady told him she's seen a few in the area they work at. As we were leaving our hotel to go to the beach, we actually saw one! Can't say I've seen an alligator in its natural habitat outside of the zoo. It was crazy to think that thing could be on land at any time. We were cautious each time we rode back by the pond, just in case it had decided to make an escape for it. Before we checked out of the hotel for the weekend, we ended up spotting him on dry land on the other side of the pond. I told Zac to get close enough so I could get a picture of him with it. He would only get close enough to get it in the background, so he could pedal off at any moment if need be. I don't blame him! Lol

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