Bachelorette Party

And the bachelorette is...ME, yay!! Jk, the bachelorette is not me. It was my best-friends sister bachelorette party this past weekend. When we spotted a group deal for a "Magic Mike Male Dance Show" a few weeks ago on Groupon, we decided to make a bachelorette night out of it.

Overall, the show was fun and interesting since it was our first "male dance show", but they defintely were no match for the real "Magic Mike" men. Leave it to the professionals, men. Last month, my girlfriends and I went to see "Magic Mike 2" in theaters and we were hopelessly praying that the stripper convention featured in the movie was a real event. We googled it to discover it's not a real thing. Wishful thinking though! A couple weeks later, Groupon was advertising a male dance show coming to our area. 

When we arrived, they did a short warm up dance and began soliciting themselves for $20 each. $20 bought some ladies a lap dance up on stage in front of everyone at the show, and $20 bought others an an embarrassing 5 minutes in the spotlight, where they were told to do something like, "fake an orgasm"or "give the dancer a lap dance". Those ladies got tricked to pay $20 to make a fool out of themselves lol, but it was entertaining. After that, they took another intermission to come down to the floor level to sell $5 bump and grind dances to the ladies. 30 minutes later, they were trying to sell us $20 t-shirts. Feel my pattern yet? They were money hungry. 

The $5 one on one dances they offered were the best, most lucrative part of the show. When the announcer said $5, my girlfriends whipped out that cash within a matter of seconds. My bestfriend starts waving her $5 around in the air, "Oh yes!!!" she screams. The dancer comes over, starts dancing with her, and picks her up off her feet. She squeezes her legs around his waist and he dips her back towards the floor, and brings her back up. He puts her back down and her reaction was priceless. "Oh my God, that was amazing!", she said. Five seconds later, she's waving another $5 bill in the air.

At the end of the show, $10 bought you a picture with the group. Our bachelorette got a t-shirt and a picture with the guys to remember her night. The boys ended the night dressed as cowboys in cowboy hats, singing along to Shania Twain. I voted the cowboy scene the best scene of the night. 

After the show, we stopped by an Irish pub for drinks. On the way home from that, we dropped off half of the gang and then processed to part three of the night, a local country bar. We always have a blast when we're together. We danced our hearts out until our feet couldn't take anymore. Before we left, we watched this girl give a performance of the stripper pole up on stage. We laughed and said, "Hey, how about we try a pole class for our next girls night". Funny enough, Groupon is offering one. 

Has anyone ever tried one of those classes before? Looks like fun! Stay tuned to find out if we decide to try one, lol. 

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