Lake Day

We got to enjoy an afternoon out on the lake and rent some jet ski's. We rode around for an afternoon exploring the waters of Nashville Shores and seeing the beautiful scenery mother nature had to offer. The water was a tad bit chilly in some parts as it had been overcast most of the day, but we managed to stay on the ski's the entire time, so it was all good. 

People go cliff jumping off cliffs similar to these. The girls wanted to try it, but that just looks like a Grey's Anatomy scene waiting to happen to me, so I insisted they hold off and enjoy their time on the jet ski's. 

People also go "bridge jumping" off these bridges. No thank you. I admired it's beauty from water level. I went cliff diving a few years back. You hit the water so hard, I don't know why people find it enjoyable lol. I'm not much of a heights enthusiast. 

My sister and I had a good time riding around. My other sister had her own jet ski and tried so hard to splash us. After I got her twice, she tried to seek revenge a few times but couldn't quite get us. We were laughing so hard. Never a dull day spent out on the lake. 

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