Finally Saw Shania Twain LIVE

Bucket List: 
10. See Shania Twain Live 

Shout out to my amazing parents who were able to score us last minute tickets to see Shania Twain's concert in ATL last night. Amaze-balls. I was shocked to see her walk out on stage as a blonde. I did a double take like, "who is that?". 

Shania's theme for her concert was rock n' roll, so all of her outfits were really sparkly with a rock n' roll edge. Loved it. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Her vocals seemed to be off at times like either she couldn't catch her breath, or she couldn't hit the notes, we didn't know what was going on, but you could tell she was really struggling in some parts. Like she was saying during an acoustic part of her concert, it's her first time being back on tour in twelve years, so maybe she has some kinks to work out. I thought she sounded best when she sat down to do her acoustic songs.

Of course, Shania sang all of her greatest hits. It was so much fun getting to watch her in person, since her music was literally the soundtrack to my childhood. I remember my mom always playing Shania Twain or Dixie Chicks when we would ride in the car.

In the bottom left picture, Shania got on this mechanical bull, that lifted up and out of the stage and took her 360 around the middle of the arena. The guy next to me was a true Shania Twain fan. He knew every single song, every single word, and he was singing his heart out along with her. I couldn't help but laugh. He was entertaining.

Fun night at Phillips Arena, thanks Shania, WE LOVE YOU!!!

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