Family Vacation in Nashville: Part 2

Today we spent the day at the Nashville Shores Waterpark. Great place to go and take the family. It cost $30 a person and that was with a discount so definitely get there early and make it worth your wild (we got a discount for staying at the Nashville Shores RV park). The lines were really long! It's the last official weekend before school starts back so that could very well be the reason. With that said, we stood in each waterslide line for about an hour. We definitely got our tan in for the day.

We get in line for the first waterslide and my sister is freaking out. "I don't want too, I'm scared", she said. I convince her to give it a try, at least once, and if she doesn't like it, then she doesn't have to go again. We get in line, climbed the stairs to the top platform, and get settled into our tubes as we wait for our que to go down the slide. 3...2...1..."Ahhhhhhhhh". 

I closed my eyes and held my breath most of the way down because the waterslide was PITCH BLACK from beginning to end! I couldn't see anything, not my hands or my toes. I was starting to have a panic attack. We reached the end of the slide and splashed into the pool of water. I look over at my sister who was a nervous wreck just moments before, and she is laughing. LAUGHING!!! I'm over here completely freaked out and having a panic attack, and she's screaming, "let's go again!" Now I'm the one who's freaked out and refusing to go on another water slide. Haha, how's that for reverse psychology.

I decided to sit out the next few water slides and guard our things by the pool. I have a fear of drowning and the idea of falling off that tube and somehow being trapped in the water in a pitch black slide was enough to freak me out. 

We enjoyed the rest of our fun day in the sun. Before we left, we decided to try one more slide. We got in line for a slide with big family inner tubes. We thought we'd all fit together, but unfortunately is was only two at a time. 

We split into two groups and climbed to the top platform. We reached the top of the stairs and were convinced that this slide wouldn't be pitch black like all the other ones because we thought we saw cut outs in the sides. Well...we were wrong. All I can say is, WHO. DESIGNED. THESE. SLIDES?! LOL. In my opinion, no one wants to go down pitch black slides. That's horrifying! 

I couldn't see my sister but I could sure hear her as we boarded our inner tube and rode through the curving tubes. "Ahhhhh", she screamed the entire way down. We splashed into the pool and climbed out of our inner tube. Again, I hear another familiar, "Ahhhhhhh", growing louder and louder. You could hear the slide attendant yelling, "STOP screaming" haha. My sister and her friend splashed into the pool of water behind us and climbed out of their inner tube. We were all in agreement that the water slides here were terrifying. We packed up our things and called it a day. 

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